Thursday, March 23, 2017

At The Protest Today

A hardy crowd of neighbors and fellow travelers gathered in a steady, gellid rain outside of Representative Darin LaHood's office today to tell their elected representative that they categorically oppose the grotesque tax cut for millionaires his party is trying to ram down America's throat disguised as a cruel and inept piece of health care legislation.

Looks like, for the moment, we won :-)


D. said...

Someone should make sure that Ryan and company don't pull a Texas Lege; that is, declare a midnight session and vote to pass this then, without all that pesky opposition.

Because, y'know, I wouldn't put it past them.

wibble said...

ACA vote cancelled, Net Neutrality Ordinance repealed.


Robt said...

If the real estate bankruptcy king realized how complicated health care was. He would have had time to ponder how complicated the GOP is.

You have your Ayn Rands over there, Your freedom to die caucus over here, the 1st term back benchers (that have to ask permission to use the restroom) here, White Supremacists everywhere, and sell out to the highest bidder there.
Oh my, they are tribal like the GOP in Afghanistan.

Oh, and the newly added Russian conservative on top of them.

It does seem Trump extended his attention span with the Tax Cuts out of our health care plan. Far beyond any other man in history has been capable of.

Name me just one human that has displayed the attention focus and determination for longer than Trump has with this very complicated health care.
Even if they leave the ACA in place and do not pass their plan. It will be the best Deal Ever. Because Trump, something, something, OOps.

Is it possible that if they rename Obamacare with Trump Care, Ryan care, Romney care, heritage Care. maybe then the GOP will accept it and maybe try to improve it. Between cutting Medicare and Medicaid and Abolishing all that pat Robertson declares should be banned?

Mark Dobrowolski said...

This is entertaining! Thank you Citizens United. Since every wealthy perdon can now buy their own house member directly trying to govern is like herding cats. Combine this with the devolution of the State dept into a Chamber of Congress. Can you imagine when they find out that the treasury Prints 💰 , oh the "good times then"! I used to think that violent revolution was the only way out of this, now we have an alternative.