Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Explain To Me Again About This Both Sides Thingie


dinthebeast said...

They don't call it "briefing" for nothing, apparently...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

"She is a great person -- always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!"

Young children have there moments that can make you smile in a particular behavior .
But parents are responsible for teaching their children. Not the other way around. In part is why education is a priority.

What I find concerning when Trump says this (he has said it many times).
Is that what it is that Donald the father at his age and experience has to be "PUSHED" into doing the "RIGHT" thing-a ma-bob.

Is it like,
"Gee dad, you need to not be such a racist" or "Dad, you so embarrass me when you grab my friends by the pussy that they do not want to have anything to do with me and you make it hard for me to have friends".

Notice Trump never clarifies what the shove was away from and what the push was toward?

Another day in class with Trump as the instructor in, "Life's Insanity and dysfunctions 101.
From what I can tell, it is not a graduating course.

Unknown said...

Has it only been two weeks? Feels a lot longer.

trgahan said...

Well, Norquist wanted a disinterested idiot who'd sign whatever is put in front of ya go.

His obvious lack of desire to be President has opened the door to the rest of conservative DC to have a field day and start literally and figuratively stripping the copper wire out of our state apparatus.

This is why Republican will do nothing to get Trump out of the way.

R White said...

Not surprised that the summarized colorful picture slides from all of our intelligence agencies fail to hold the Bastard's attention for a mere 20 mins. According to the sources in the link below, the Trump brand is now toxic as Americans are not buying Ivanka's overpriced Asian made tschotskes.

Robt said...

Did any of Trump's family take advantage of acquiring that billionaire making education at Trump U..?

Or was it I so fucked U.

At least when Betsy is done with your children's education, they will be able to watch and recite many famous phrases of Pat Robertson on the evils of LIbrulism.

So there is your both sides as it pertains to education. You will have competition between selling Amway products or paying on years of student loans with a degree from "I so fucked U".

Class reunions in the soup lines this year.....................

Flying Junior said...

Two edges to the sword here. Whatever beautiful cred that Ivanka held is forever poisoned by her support of her father's presidency. It would be okay if she was just quietly supportive like the Bush twins. But noooo!!! She is actually living and working in the White House. So any entity that has problems with the Donald, has by association, problems with his daughter/advisor.

The other side is obviously nobody wants to buy merchandise associated with any Trump right now. Most of the ultra-rich would just buy French or Italian goods for their wives. Is she really producing artistic women's wear and accessories worthy of a top retailer like Neiman-Marcus? Or was it more like a Martha Stewart available at K-Mart?

Jimbo said...

Saw the always disgusting Speaker Ryan endure an interview on the NewsHour about his relationship with the Donald. It was obvious he can't stand him but only because Trump makes Ryan's hideous fiscal and regulatory agenda more controversial to the average voter. But it was still clear he is the utter Randite aimed at destroying the vast majority of Americans' financial security.

freshsideofhell said...

The scary part of the Donald is the people behind him. Pence, banoon,Ryan. They will get rid of the Donald only when it serves them.

RUKidding said...

I'm mostly of the mind to ignore the vast majority of Trump's tweets because I think they're just smokescreen distractions. The more people get senselessly riled and sucked into the nonsense, the easier it is for Trump to get away with egregious stuff. I try to pay attention to what he's doing.

That said, my big beef with this Ivanka/Nordstrom baloney, plus apparently Melania is whining about not getting good sales on her tacky whore diamond "jewelry" because of something something, is that it's just as I suspected: Trump wanted to win the Presidency in huge part to maximize his and his family empire's various brands and rake in yuuuuuge buckeroo$. Of course the emoluments clause is so non-specific that none of this senseless whining by Trump and his various spawn and arm candy falls under the ethics code. But it does tick me off... not that it matters.

To answer someone's question, above: Ivanka's clothes are no better than anyone else's and in fact often aren't that great. Yes, it's mostly like Martha Stewart having her junk peddled at K Mart. Ivanka just got Nordies and some of the higher end Macy's to peddle her overpriced but made cheaply in China clothes.

No one wants to buy Ivanka's stuff anymore in part bc they don't think it's seemly for the US President's family to be engaged in these kinds of business activities while they're working in the White House. Most of Trump's base can't afford to buy this overpriced junk made in China and other third world countries, so they can't make up the difference. Too bad, so sad, get used to it.

RUKidding said...

Ha ha... I just took a stroll over at wonkette. Someone provided a take-down on some of Ivanka's clothing with photos. Hand to god, one of the blouses I happened to see across the room when at Marshalls recently, and truly my first thought was: what an ugly blouse!

Not kidding. Everything else featured in the blog post was equally ugly, imo. That's why the stores are running away from Ivanka's third world crap - it's ugly, it's overpriced, and it doesn't sell.

I also read that KelleyAnn CONway was attempting hawk Ivanka's fugly clothes on Fox. As stated above, just as I suspected... Trump's in this job to make as much moola as possible. Why how presidential.