Thursday, January 26, 2017

The State of American Journalism in Two Tweets

Make a little Post-It note and put it up where you can see it every day to remind you to begin your thinking about resistance each day with two, cold facts: First, from the Bastard President all the way down to your Crazy Uncle Liberty, the Republican Party is a rabid dog, and second, the Fourth Estate sold us out and abandoned their post years ago.

Do not look for help from the media. Do not delude yourself into believing that there is any spark of humanity or sanity left inside the Party of Lincoln. Both institutions are rubble and their ruins are ruled over by swine and goblins who do not give the tiniest shit about this country or about you.

Do not waste your time trying to reason with Conservative zombies or the ghosts who haunt the boneyard of American journalism. They cannot hear you and they do not care


trgahan said...

Off Topic: Trump just signed an Executive Order to hire 15,000 immigration officers to "keep the country's interior safe." I am sure local law enforcement will love having these assholes running around in their jurisdictions.

Is this the point the brown shirts become the SS ?

R White said...

Sad, but true. I have to remind family members to forget getting their daily/weekly news from the MSM unless they enjoy being mislead and lied to, which in one or two cases may be comforting.

As your better half just posted, the entire State Department Management Team all gave a big "fuck you" to Derp Führer and his slimy grifting acolytes by resigning en masse. Also, our dear leader continues to ignore our state government's (GA) requests for FEMA help after this past week's ravaging tornadoes and instead wants to focus on his popularity and faux voter fraud.

At this rate, I wonder when the republican establishment will no longer be able to tolerate cheeto jesus' incompetence and irrationality. 25th amendment, section 4 or impeachment?

ChicagoPat said...

I wonder what will happen when he discovers you can't just sign executive orders to make stuff happen?

He's like the Hogwarts High Inquistor, issuing "Decrees"

Neo Tuxedo said...

Do not waste your time trying to reason with Conservative zombies or the ghosts who haunt the boneyard of American journalism.

Whether you meant it to or not, that reminds me of another of the diamonds buried in the dungheap of "This is [DEL: Ayn Rand Pontificating :DEL] John Galt Speaking": the observation that a body without a soul is a corpse and a soul without a body is a ghost*. Just so, man without Mind is "the passively ravaged victim of a battle between a robot and a dictaphone" (that was apparently a brand-name-turned-generic of answering machine back in the day; for those of you even younger than me who don't remember answering machines, they were kind of the beta version of voice mail).

* The comparison was not necessarily stated in that order, and probably not with that conjunction either, which is one reason I didn't make it a direct quote. The other is that checking the exact wording would have meant looking it up and even reading it, and life's too short to read any Rand you don't absolutely have to.

Dark Avenger said...

Neo Tux, the Dictaphone was a product of a company founded by Alexander Graham Bell

established by Alexander Graham Bell in Washington, D.C. in 1881. When the Laboratory's sound recording inventions were sufficiently developed with the assistance of Charles Sumner Tainter and others, Bell and his associates created the Volta Graphophone Company, which later merged with the American Graphophone Company, which itself later evolved into Columbia Records.[1]

The name "Dictaphone" was trademarked by the Columbia Graphophone Company in 1907, which soon became the leading manufacturer of such devices. This perpetuated the use of wax cylinders for voice recording, which had otherwise been eclipsed by disc-based technology. Dictaphone was spun off into a separate company in 1923 under the leadership of C. King Woodbridge.[2]

In 1947, having relied on wax-cylinder recording to the end of World War II, Dictaphone introduced their Dictabelt technology. This cut a mechanical groove into a Lexan plastic belt instead of a wax cylinder. The advantage of the Lexan belt was that recordings were permanent and admissible in court. Eventually IBM introduced a dictating machine using an erasable belt made of magnetic tape which enabled the user to correct dictation errors rather than marking errors on a paper tab. Dictaphone in turn added magnetic recording models while still selling the models recording on the Lexan belts. Machines based on magnetic tape recording were introduced in the late seventies, initially using the standard compact (or "C") cassette, but soon, in dictation machines, using mini-cassettes or microcassettes instead. The size of the cassette was important as it enabled the manufacturer to reduce the size of portable recorders.

Robt said...

How the GOP (and others) so shout out their despise of corporate media but had their heads filled with Goo that made them say, "U want Government to be ran more like a corporation.
The conflicting interests of corporations vs corporate competition, the evilest of labor rights, the people thru their Gov't getting in the way of corporate and billionaire titans squeezing the life out of them.
We now see TV news hosts gather at the tables and discuss how they can keep their jobs as Trump lies so hard so often that they cannot use it as news to sell their host's commentary to sell dick pills.
We all know why they sat by (and supported) the fakest news of all for so long (FOX). In case they needed a job.

I mean, we have icons of fake news in the white house providing alternative facts.
Alternative facts in my definition is , what the lies the GOP has been feeding their psycotic base. Instead of getting them therapy.

In part, this is why the ACA must be repealed. it provides insurance for mental illness and that scare the GOP that their control over their basse could lessen.

dinthebeast said...

My mom was a legal secretary for years and she used a Dictaphone to type up depositions and the like every day. I think I remember her sort of hating it, and tearing it off of her head once at the sound of her boss belching in her ear.

The media was never ready for Trump, or anyone like him.
If there was a hell, Roy Cohn would be there right now, laughing his slimy ass off.

-Doug in Oakland

Marc McKenzie said...

@traghan: Which is funny, since Ol' Yellow Stain signed an EO calling for a hiring freeze for Federal Workers. the f**k is he going to get those 15,000 hired again?

Christ, what an idiot. And yet, some still howl about "both sides", and the purists who ran to Stein and Johnson kept whining about Hillary was worse.

I need a drink.

trgahan said...


My guess is it doesn't matter if the executive order (No longer evil tools of illegitimate tyranny since January 20, 2017!) ever do anything anyway.

To conservatives this is pure "Fuck you liberals/brown people/etc!" masturbatory material. Now they can yell racial slurs at the day laborers standing out in front of Home Depot and feel patriotic.

They likely didn't even notice his immigration ban exempted the three countries that have produced the most terrorist who have attacked this nation. Oh well, details.

At most the orders are wingnut welfare handouts to connected law firms who will raid public coffers taking these through the judicial system. Besides, anything "unsolved" will just be met by conservatives voting in MORE conservatives to government to "get the job done!"

Unknown said...

I have a smidgen of sympathy for Muir. Let me say quickly I have no love for the village media. None whatsoever. But when you have El nino con Manos Dimunutas wandering through the wasteland of his mind like he was, why challenge him? His words and demeanor were transparent and damning. Let him hang himself. Those that bought his insane rantings are beyond redemption anyway. Let the rest of us get a peek at the rantings of an inmate of Bedlam.

dinthebeast said...

Except that his justification for the lie that 5 million people voted illegally is "But millions of people believe this is true" so I think to counter that his lies need to be called out specifically and in real time, to sort of cut into those millions wherever possible.

-Doug in Oakland

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