Saturday, December 03, 2016

What Donald Trump Understands About His Supporters


Fearguth said...

And the fleece is white as snow

Robt said...

Sheers of Navarone, great movie.

Won't be able to warn evolution deniers to take caution.

sheep evolved and grew thorns and made .357 caliber armor piercing pitchforks..

There is also technology. Nair and the No-no. Will definitely bring out the inner Yul

Brenner out from any Cheeto man.

Robt said...

Noticed at C&L
"Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump's Shameful Tweets: 'He's President-Elect So That's Presidential'

The KellyGirl when pressed of false fact tweeting is lying. Counters with respecting the president and when her president(Trump) does it. "It is presidential". In memory of Nixon perhaps. As she went from defense to offense. It was her disrespect of Bill Clinton (in general) as president as some sort of barometer.
As for fleecing sheep in public,
What did not get asked to KellyGirl was, "Did Trump respect the presidency when crusading his birtherism" ?

Can this ever get asked point blank?
Winter is here and I sort of need my fleece right now.

Jimbo said...

Robt, because of relentless hunting pressure in Africa for ivory, male elephants are increasingly being born that are tuskless or have only very small tusks (recessive gene becoming dominant, not evolution) so adaptive behavior can occur very quickly. The huge amount of money given to Jill Stein's recount is an example. The Orange Dictator is going to find a really stiff wind confronting him.

Robt said...

The only problem is elephant do not have 2nd Amendment rights to shoot if they "fear".

Good thing it isn't Pachyderm "evolution". We might have the Inhofe police bearing down on the site. Even have some patriotic freedom fighter looking to employ his God given right to (self deputizes) and investigate with his high tech investigative AR-15 equipment, To see if the Professional Left was involved in pizza sales to liberals during the election.
No, I haven't checked but it is more true to say that the R-wingers central commands have already provided the marching orders for the "liberty for Ivory hunters". They have been so oppressed by that PC stuff and all that regulation garbage. Sad indeed.

Have you prepared for the "partisan liberal demcrats_ blitzcrieg coming?