Friday, December 30, 2016

Tom Waits Friday: Innocent When You Dream

There is so much compounding weirdness --

-- and broken-bottle bum fighting --

-- going on far above my pay grade that this seemed an apt number to close out 2016.

This is a song my dad taught me when I was a kid.
That’s a lie.
This is a song I learned from kids I met in a back alley.
That’s also a lie.
This is a song I learned from Gregory Peck.
That too is a lie.
They’re all lies.
The whole song is a lie.
No it’s not.
I learned this song from Pavarotti...


Frank McCormick said...

Oh my!

Smorgus said...

The piano has been drinking... said...

I look forward to this Spring when I expect Gaza & West Bank to explode & Trump decides to send 6th Fleet to join Israel in bombing the shit out of Arabs how it is the fault of Obama & Clinton.

Don P said...

The 3 of them walk into a'd have thought Greenwald at least would have ducked.