Sunday, December 25, 2016

Today In Insufferable Man-Child News: Joe Scarborough

Remember when an "insufferable man-child" in pajamas promoting the Affordable Care Act was the funniest fucking Squint and the Meat Puppet had ever seen?

Hey guess which wildly-overpaid MSNBC insufferable man-child in pajamas curled up in front of a fake fire with Meat Puppet and the rest of his pals on Friday to talk about WWIII? (h/t Crooks & Liars):

Morning Joe Wears Jammies; Normalizes Trump's Arms Race

No one remembers anything.


eddie blake said...

god we're fucked.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yep, the Republican long ago allied with the Soviets to gain power.

freshsideofhell said...

It's going to be a scary time ahead. I can't believe my country is going the way it is.

Charlesdillon said...

All we have given and done for Israel and this is how their leadership treats our President. We created Israel and they continue to put the entire planet at risk. With apologies to my Jewish brothers...fuck Israel!

Robt said...

eddie blake said...

god we're fucked.

It is not so bad, I have a Trump-servative U.S. Senator that often writes in to my local paper and suggest and directs us readers to Pray and do our civic duty for the country.

In his words, as my senator he is going to lemur not just over the cliff and into the ditch of no return. But going where not many GOPers have gone (did to you)before.

Of course their families will be exempt and insulated from their decisions as will be the likes of Koch Brothers or Grover Norquist of Sesame elite Streeters.

Should he vote on repealing the Iran Nuke deal so they can go to war within a year with Iran?
Pray. Don't call me (your Senator).
Should the Big Banks be freed of any restraint to scheme as Bernie Madoff and steal your hard earned savings?
Again, he says, "better pray".
Why he never offers and solace for an agnostic with atheist tendencies is very closed minded.
Like a starving man invited to a soup kitchen for the needy. Before you get food to sustain your life. This non profit on taxpayers backs demands you recite our faith doctrinal prayers. Because they care so much.

As you put it, "we are fucked'

Not only for Mourning Crow,
But morning Crow in pajamas on TV discussing how an Nuclear Arms race is OK.

Like that picture really exudes confidence in what?

What next, they will be in diapers holding a rattle exploring the virtues of a new great depression and how it requires a world war to help the economy. But first, Tax breaks for the wealthy.

Not just fucked, but impregnated with the alien that is going to burst out of your chest and all abortions with no exceptions are available.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you call her Meat Puppet, she's nothing special (not to mention that white women are over-rated).

Dog we are fucked.

Rusty White said...

F*ck Joke and meaty. They are both personally responsible for the rise and success of Derp Fuehrer and his predictable deplorable actions and statements moving forward.

No one should ever forget that it was Joke who had a intern who was found dead in his office and until he answers for that debacle, he is a morally and ethically bankrupt individual.

Happy Holidays DG and BG!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Rusty, I for one haven't forgotten Lori Klausitis, no matter how far down the memory hole the media may stuff her corpse. In fact, she's a key element of the metaphor I use to demonstrate how much of a joke MSNBC's claim to "liberal media" status is (brief insightful summary: think Fox News giving Gary Condit his own show).

Unknown said...

As James Lee Burke might've said, "They're just the skidmarks in the bowl." The rest of us, well, we're all going to hafta become profane sinners like Dave Robicheaux and Cletus Purcell to step up and kick some loooong ass on the baddies, then force the shit-hairs to own the whole moral dilemmna by the last chapter...

Robt said...

And who are the Morning Crow advertisers that keeps floating the TIRD every morning and never flushes.
That the unsuspecting muted will find it and have to flush before use.

So proud of their TURD, they need everyone to see it daily.