Friday, December 09, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #366



Robt said...

"Tired" of seeing world in biased way"

Yes is my answer.
For about 30 years people who have become Religiously closer to God than other and demand they succum to what they say is what their God is telling them to order us to obey.

Those that chose their birth parents with entitled wealth that gifted them with superiority.

Those with little financials prowess, little or no education led led by others to "believe" they too will be a billionaire and that is the goal in life.

The same superior folks who seem to travel in time. They were there at the onset of the Civil War. The 3 to 3 percent of southern Whites that own plantations and slaves and wealth. Used it to suppress any competition. Who used this status they had to go to war to hold on to their wealth via savagery in cheap labor to support and grow their greed accounts and the eliteness of the inheritance family of superiority.

As they did then, convincing those white people of the south who had little and no slaves to fight and die in their war to preserve that elite lifestyle for the few.
Who had absolutely nothing to gain or defend in the Civil War.

They continue to convince again and again those same folks (as then) to fight to preserve and provide more wealth and power to these same time travelers that must have it all.
The rugged individuals that want government out of the way. Drowned in a bathtub. The U.S. Constitution is in the way of them like the EPA is in their way.

So here they are, championing Trump's big Government promises of owning slaves and being a billionaire too. Using Government to provide for them.
If this is conservative math, Science, religion, justice and reason for living. Yes, I do tire at times to have to see this would in the biased way.

You think that there were folks at the onset, during and post Civil War that were tired of seeing the world with bias?
I am sure the white slave and plantation owners of the time saw nothing but the world as biased.
The real question is, the legitimacy of the bias seen and endured.

I think his question of you tiring of seeing, could be replied to with the question;
Dowd, Why do you choose sides against the bias I see and call out and embrace the bias of other and your own?
Is it simply for a paycheck"?
The wordsmith hired as a thought provoking arsonist to pour even more literary fuel on a fire out of control To enhance and ensure his benefactors of his literary works.

As there were not enough plantation owners (with much to lose). There was not enough to fight the war to preserve their rule and power.
Dowd admits in his question that he has tired and assimilated to something you do not seem to justify in his self.
Why haven't you assimilated to the Kock's of the Trumps or the Ayn Rand worshippers, DG? Why?

The need for more chatel to fight for the superior chosen ones of royal powers and wealth to be held ever more over everyone else is calling you with perhaps a penance for your support..
There are good biases to have,
I am biased toward NOT risking the poisoning of the water I drink and the wildlife that depends on it.
-So I am a EPA terrorist, Tree Hugging Liberal, anti business and anti Capitalism sloth to be denounced?
Where the bias against that clean water position should have worn me down and forced me to concede that clean water is not remotely a worthy thought to hold long and dear?
I went such a long way to just say, Dowd must understand, his question held his own bias. When he asked you it.

portlandmaxtrains said...

...but he gave them the Truth. Or a piece of the Truth. And who is interested in Truth? He laughed through his sobs.

dinthebeast said...

Your bit about the succession of small businesses really hit home for me: in my working life, I rode three different locally owned businesses into the dirt as they went out of business for various reasons, all falling under the umbrella of the leadership drifting away from the successful business models put in place by company founders.
They made up 17 of the 32 years I was in the work force, and what's more, the last job I had was for a company who did home delivery of organic produce that was bought by another company about 9 months after I was hired. I was so panicked when I found out about the sale, that I was personally going to do everything I could to not let it happen to me a fourth time, even though all of the same warning signs were there: Local business still run by its founder sold to a larger (in this case Canadian) business who had a different system of production, with a merger of a local competitor thrown in for good measure.
Unfortunately, one guy (I always seemed to be that guy) can't really save a business of that size, and as it turns out, they didn't need saving and are still chugging along almost a decade later, but for the two months prior to the relaunch, and most of another month after, I was doing everything I possibly could to make it work, to the tune of between ten and fourteen hours daily. My shifts began at midnight. It was a stressful, exhausting, and uncertain time, and one evening in April 2008, I awoke from my afternoon nap do discover that I'd had a stroke and could hardly move. I haven't worked since.
Good on you for adopting the cat. All of the cats I have had in my adult life were like that. They just showed up and were like "I'm here, when's dinner?"
Also, it used to kind of be my thing that my place was sanctuary for me and mine, and I was fiercely protective of it. So the idea of sanctuary cities has always conjured up a far different picture in my mind than the one they intended...

-Doug in Oakland

Fritz Strand said...

Very interested in your comments about succession in small business. What is the way the business carries on when the children of founder are not interested in running it? You left us hanging. The answers are opened ended and not so obvious.