Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On The Importance Of Having Many Different Resumes

David Paul Kuhn, a political analyst, is the author of the political novel “What Makes It Worthy” and “The Neglected Voter: White Men and the Democratic Dilemma.”
-- well who knows?  In your ravenous, read-everything desire to make sense of what just happened, you may just be tempted to take seriously his postmortem on the election we just had.  It is entitled --
Sorry, Liberals. Bigotry Didn’t Elect Donald Trump.
 -- and it's full of scolds for all you naughty Liberals about how, sure, maybe there's a buncha racism in the GOP, but also maybe there's not!  And even there is a shit-ton of racism running straight through the Party of Trump, it probably didn't have anything whatsoever to do with electing the Il Douche.  Because after all, Bill Clinton was real popular even though blowjobs!
His approval rating reached the highest point of his presidency during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It wasn’t that Democrats and independents endorsed Mr. Clinton’s behavior. They opposed Republicans more.
Eat my impeccable logic ya damn hippies!

So there you go.



If, instead, Mr. David Paul Kuhn's NYT bio read something like this "A consistently-wrong-about-almost-everything-National-Review-drone and Fox News guy.  Most famous for trying and spectacularly failing to pull off some kinda male-pattern-man-bun thing and some kinda Joker-outfit-from-the-irregular-rack thing." --

-- I'm just willing to bet that you would be less likely to entertain his quaint notions about race and politics in America more likely to ask WTF the New York Times is doing opening its pages to such a person.

What an excellent question!


trgahan said...

of course we were due one of these revisionist "Our racism is only in your head liberals!" scolding by a white conservative male.

Seems to be a right of passage for these paid right wing hacks when they draw the short straw on propaganda assignment day.

The good thing is, when you read/watch claims of "It wasn't racism" it is usually the best indicator that it indeed was racism.

Neo Tuxedo said...

At this point, I can only see two answers to why Even the Liberal New York Times continues to give these bobbleheads space to spout their ill-, mis-, dis-, de-, and anti-informed views, answers which are not necessarily incompatible.

If, contrary to appearances, there are some liberals left at the top, they must somehow maintain the belief, 45 years after the issuance of the Powell Memorandum, that there is some amount of bending over backwards (or just plain bending over) for "people who are replete with bias and resistant to fact"* that will get these alleged people to stop squawking about "liberal bias" every time reality rubs their hurt butts the wrong way. In vain. It is no longer enough that we cease saying. They will continue to accuse us of doing, until we cease existing.

(The other option, of course, is that "the liberal media" is the bad joke we always knew it was.)

Mirabelle212 said...

And, don't cha know, comments were mysteriously disabled for Kuhn's aforementioned op-ed piece. I wonder why?

Mirabelle212 said...

And, don't cha know, comments were unfairly and mysteriously disabled for Kuhn's op-ed piece. I can't imagine why.

bowtiejack said...

It is good to remember the answer to "What is conservatism, anyway?"
The definitions and positions of its adherent are cloud-like in their particulars.

So remember, Conservatism is rule by an aristocracy.
And racism is a perfect part of that.

John said...

Anyone who was able to vote for Trump after all this statements on Mexicans, African-Americans, and Muslims is a racist.

Jimbo said...

Hillary got 2.9 million more votes than Dump but the latter won because of the Electoral College, created specifically to bias elections towards the slave states. So, Kuhn is an utterly predictable dickwad Fox hack.