Thursday, December 29, 2016

If Vlad the Elector Succeeds in Giving Representative Trent Franks a Polonium Enema...

...then he is merely doing what the voters of Arizona should have done.

Up is down again once again: the mainstream media is either capitulating or comatose and the Pig People are on the march.

Grab the Dramamine and prepare for a long and ugly ride.


Professor Fate said...

For grim amusement I sometimes imagine the reaction if Hillary won and it was discovered the Russians had been helping her - I doubt it would have been 'let's get on with our lives."
Gonna be a long ugly 4 years - it took a war, Katrina and the great recession to finally get people to say yah know Bush is kind of disaster isn't he?
These bloody nihilists are going to destroy the republic unless we are very very lucky.

Charlesdillon said...

I haven't heard anyone say that about bush. But then again I live in Texas.

Jimbo said...

It's so much worse than you can imagine. The unified GOP Congress is set to enact the most radical right wing agenda in more than 100 years (seriously). REINS Act plus, of course ACA repeal and trashing climate change (which is totally pointless because it is already baked into the private sector and the states) and then there's the social safety net.

Meanwhile, the red states are all set to adopt the NC model of just prohibiting practically anyone not a white male from being able to vote. Unless there is a huge popular pushback, we are going to either be in revolution or an authoritarian oligarchy for a very long, long time. The GOP clearly is waging war on the majority of this country

Robt said...

I actually liked how Chris Hayes confronted a conservative hack defending the Russians, like addresses here.

Right wing nut; Like Trump said, no one knows. Podesta was an idiot who who fell for an email scam Phisher.

hayes' But wait. you saying Podesta wasn't hacked.

Right nut wing; Well he fell for it and invited them in.

Hayes; So if a group of armed men walked into the RNC and at gunpoint took all their documents. That is fine with you.

Wing right nut: No, but that is different than Podesta falling for email scam.

hayes; You ar aware the law sees email scams as criminal hacks, right?

Right nu wing; Duh a ah w well OK but I feel as long as the victim is Podesta it should be legal. Like me out right lying here on the MSNBC to your viewers for my Trump-check. Unless he tries to screw me and I have to sue him for my pay.

tjan said...

I still think that Rep. Franks looks like he got kicked by a mule. Mule kicking has been known to cause brain damage too.

eddie blake said...

wow. did IQ's drop SHARPLY since the watergate break-in?
there's NO goddamn EVIDENCE CHAIN to connect these STOLEN documents as RELEASED with the ACTUAL, original emails.

there's NO WAY of knowing if ANY OF IT IS TRUE, because the ACTUAL documents weren't IRL, and weren't LIFTED.

and these fuckers yap ON and ON.

i just wish SOMEONE would point that OUT.

"how do you know they weren't DOCTORED, senator?"