Thursday, November 17, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: Kathleen Parker

If you just discount the despicable people he consorts with, and the racist shitpile lie-factory of a media empire he runs, and the horrid things come out of his lie-hole from time to time...

...there is no reason to assume that, way down deep, Stephen Bannon is a racist hobgoblin.

Who knows?  Maybe he's a heckuva guy!

The blurb:
Is Steve Bannon really as bad as all that?

The operative question for any thinking person is: If Bannon is any of those things mentioned above, what would it mean for the country, our policies, the nation’s temperament and that most sacred of American pursuits — unity?
The article
Trump’s chief White House strategist is associated with terrible things, but whether he’s terrible himself remains to be seen.  As children walk out of schools and protesters stage daily rallies, while women plot to march on Washington the day after Inauguration Day, unity seems an improbable goal.

But what if Bannon isn’t all those things? Are we even allowed to wonder? Once a narrative is launched, it’s nearly heretical to question it.

I’m not defending; I’m just asking. Is it possible to allow white supremacists and woman-haters to traffic on your website and still be considered something less awful? I asked a few people who have known him well for some time if there’s more to Bannon than meets the eye. There usually is, isn’t there?

A few words used to describe him, irrespective of his website’s fan club or the virtual company he keeps, include: “gentleman,” “strategist,” “always polite,” “brilliant,” “fighter,” “activist,” “articulate,” as well as “I don’t trust him.”

One person who has known and worked with him the past 15 years said that when she reads about Bannon in the newspaper, she thinks she must be reading about someone else. “He was never like that with me. I only knew him to be a passionate fighter. He’s all about freedom.” Constitutionally speaking, according to original intent, she clarified.
Unsourced, third-hand attributions + sheer, wishful moonshine = a steady WaPo paycheck.

Your Fourth Estate, citizens!

When they finally relocate Kathleen to a big, beautiful Trump Camp, we can expect cheerful dispatches about the tasty continental breakfasts and the free wifi.


bowtiejack said...

Elsewhere in the WaPo, however, they exactly have Bannon's number:

The ridiculousness of the "reserve judgment on Barron" morons (like Kathleen here):

How he flattered his way into Trump's inner circle:

Both articles are very much worth a read.

Davis Statton said...

Remember those home movies at Berchtesgaden? Adolf smiling, relaxing, playing with his dog? Seemed so pleasant.

John Taylor said...

Media people are falling over themselves to normalize the Trump presidency. He might be a racist, misogynistic sociopath but Hillary Clinton would be just as bad. Am I right?

Unknown said...

Corporate control of media equals

1) dissipation of seriousness of conservative/republican/alt-right atrocities until they are considered "simple mistakes"
2) increase of outrage of democrat/liberal/policy expert mistakes until they are considered "national atrocities"
3) Normalize historic and unprecedented digressions of standard political behavior until everyone just shrugs and says "Yeah, but they're Congress - what do you expect?"

I despair of anything that relies on national media to publicize, because not only are there no incentives to concentrate on truth-telling, there are no consequences for lying your ass off.

So I am out. I will not pay attention to anything said nationally about anyone, because there is a primary agenda to the propaganda. All media lies for cash. None of them have any prestige anymore in my eyes.

Robt said...

Give Kate a break.
She see's Paul Ryan a floating his old privatize Medicare agenda and smells a story most papers will print.
kate is not alone here, she has competition from across the Bipartisan GOP spectrum in her journalist principled goal to promote not just conservatism (gone bad) but anything other than liberal.
kate, like for instance Nichole Wallace really lean on invoking the phrase, "I think the American people". They use this like David Flunking Brooks. From their ideological media projected image. Our "entertainment news" is produced to (as Tush Limp-Paw) has said for 20 years on his force fed media outlets. "Filling young minds full of mush".

How casual they can be addressing the idea of Trump appointment of a Bannon. I figure if Trump decides to appoint David Duke to a White House positiion on Anti Semitism. They would smile to the camera and find some sort of cover for the GOP congress that will give a president what he wants. Not remembering what that same GOP refused and obstructed in the past of another president.

I saw this vieo of the House members returning to capital. Trump's red (make America great again) hats were placed on every Representatives seat. "We are united" some fool made sure they reported.
The fact that Trump recently made it a point to sneak away to a NY public eatery. To tell they wealthy there dining "he is going to give them such a tax break" to the very wealthy present, big applause.
Diverting tax dollars from the V.A. to tax cuts for the wealthy. Hoooray, freedom at last!

Has kate written lately about the horrible huge $30 trillion U.S. debt Obama put us in (march of 2009) while still operating under Bush's fiscal year budget, lately?
Kate figures in her economic status none of the ugly will affect her.
Here is a very nasty problem,

How does any news/ media truly report on our government under this president and all the enablers of ringling brothers fascist show?

They were unable to perform what the 1st Amendment provides and protects them to do suring the campaign. Trump is a fast moving Fascist that fabricates so many misleading story lines. So many so fast they cannot focus their ADD and report enough information. Not enough time to gather facts to report before the next exciting story they want to "break".

Short story iceberg news..........

Jimbo said...

Hi Jack, thanks forthe links. By the way, it is Bannon not Barron (which is the name of Trump's kid).

dinthebeast said...

I guess it's easier to take a "let's wait and see how he does" stance when what he's going to do isn't likely to destroy the lives of you or the people you care about.

-Doug in Oakland

Mark W Adams said...

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" (Attributed to E. Burke, founder of the modern conservative movement.) (/irony)

Who cares what evil lurks, or does not, in the hearts of these men (and women). Allowing evil hardly makes them "good". The result is identical whether they are deplorable or not. As Bible Bitch will tell you, they shall be judged by their deeds - and lack thereof.

John Hall said...

“He was never like that with me. I only knew him to be a passionate fighter. He’s all about freedom.”

Yeah, and Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, O.J.Simpson and many others also appeared to be "never like" the people they turned out to be, either.

John Hall said...

“He was never like that with me. I only knew him to be a passionate fighter. He’s all about freedom.”

Yeah, and Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, O.J.Simpson and many others also appeared to be "never like" the people they turned out to be, either.