Friday, November 25, 2016


H/T Doug in Oakland


Nick Maximovich said...

She was doing good until she started criticizing people that voted for a third party. Trump is president because ~62,000,000 million stupid people voted for him, period.

bluicebank said...

Quite the righteous rant. And accurate. Except for one instance.

People like me who believe that Sanders would have won against Trump do have polling data to back up that position. But this is a quibble, since it's a hypothetical scenario. Hillary won the popular vote, and arguably so would have Sanders. Hypothetically, either one of them would have won the Electoral College with a better ground game in swing states. And since Sanders supporters voted for Hillary (according to polling, post-election polling not yet in) by a larger percentage than every demographic except for African Americans. So there's not much reason to be angry with them.

But she's right about the bleak future that awaits.

Unless the Whatever Atop the Thing forgives us our pre-election hubris, and gets the Electoral College electors to grow a pair and DO THE RIGHT THING.

dinthebeast said...

Just for the record, I found that video on "Show Me Progress" this morning. They cover Missouri politics in fine detail, as well as national stuff, and were the place Blue Girl landed after she couldn't do "They Gave Us a Republic" any more.

-Doug in Oakland