Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Media Will Little Note, Nor Long Remember What He Tweets Here...

Turns out, Il Douche doesn't much like it when We The People back sass his minions in public:

What better way to honor the 153rd anniversary of the Gettysburg Address than with a couple of early morning tweets seething with contempt for free speech from the thin-skinned fascist idiot who will soon sit where Lincoln sat?

By the way, speaking of the media little noting, nor long remembering stuff, Operation Memory Hole is now in full effect:


bill said...

For context, this is what was said from the stage to the VP-elect that tRump claims was "very rude".

“We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

Hopefully, this will make Hamilton tickets easier to get.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Trump is calling for apologies from people who have legitimate reasons to boo Pence, while Trump himself has NEVER apologized to that disabled guy he publicly mocked at a rally just for who he was.

Before we apologize to you Trump, YOU need to get down on your goddamn knees and beg forgiveness from about 67 percent of the entire planet you've insulted over your 70 years of bullying and browbeating.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Look and listen to all that "economic anxiety".

Patrick D said...

Perhaps we are nothing more than an extended episode of "Sledgehammer"
The Spa who loved me???

bowtiejack said...

Lock him up!

SleepsTooMuch said...

My favorite is the lady holding the Are we Russia? sign.

Robt said...

Make America Great again,

We already had a "GREAT DEPRESSION" in America. Is that bar high enough that Trump cannot reach it?

There is nothing yet I have seen from Trump that signifies he will do or be anything different from his ultimate disregard for anything or any American.
As we all have notice, the end of the 8 years of American debt is non existent.
Beginning with the GOP.
Communication security of elected officials is no longer anything more than an episode where the GOP congress used tax dollars and their elected powers in office to campaign and propagandize their munchkin voters at everyone else's expense. Using a complicit press to save campaign ad money to use elsewhere.

The memory hole video of Becky Beck's rally. I have talked and dealt so much with them I had to get rabies shots to keep me from foaming at the mouth.
I do feel strongly, there were many upper middle class that "Only" voted for their own tax cuts. This is what is called voting your self interest. But they voted along with the most electrifying bigoted. Out of the GOP closeted fascists.
They would be the Germans who turned in Jews in hiding or trying to flee the "Greatest" solution demise. Until their children reported them as being somehow not NAZI enough.
Who said Hitler was bad. How does the stinking liberal media know that?
They will retort.

bowtiejack said...

In other news:
Trump’s newly renovated hotel a few blocks from the White House, on Pennsylvania Avenue sold out quickly for the inauguration, many for five-night minimums priced at FIVE times the normal rate. . .”
That would be $2,000/night and up or $10,000+ for 5 nights.

Of course, the people paying these rates are trying to cozy up him.
Who throws that kind of money around? Corporations? Foreign governments? Oligarchs?
Somehow, I don't think it's Becky Beck and friends.

wibble said...

...Rude? THAT?!?!

Fuck That Noise - I'LL SHOW 'IM RUDE.

"Rude" would be flipping Pence off with both hands from the edge of the stage and yelling "I HOPE YOU SLIDE UNDER A GAS TRUCK AND TASTE YOUR OWN BLOOD!!!" (yes, I stole that line, so nyah :)P

bowtiejack said...

Well, that didn't take long.

Trump May Use New Hotel to Profit Directly From Presidency

Unknown said...


- Joe Wilson (R) South Carolina (noooo, really?) during an Obama address to a joint session of Congress.

I'm trying to find Trump's outrage-tweet to Wilson in his archived twitter feed but am not seeing it. Anyone else find it?

Yeah, right.

- lifeat45rpm

bluicebank said...

With apologies to Douglas Adams, we are entering the Long, Dark Tea-Time of our Souls.

Do not go Dirk Gently into the night.

(I'll show myself out.)

Robt said...

Mean while,
In my local paper's public pulse comments from the Trump voters.

They are all about goating their "wim". Like a sports game win.

A big theme from may in the comments is the bothersome protesters marching. How dare they. such spoiled brats. Need to grow up and accept the election results. Move out of the country if they don't like it. Get the mantra?
My favorite theme off these is,
How dare they put down the American president. How disrespectful. How they had to endure the evils of Obama and they never displayed disrespect.

Nah, not at all. Burning effigies hanging from a tree. Monkey in cage with Obama written on the cage and paraded through towns. Emailing water melons growing on the front yard of the White House. Ted Nugent having to have the Secret Service sit him down to discuss his threatening the president. Nugent at a GOP rally telling the crowd Hillary can suck on the barrel of his AR-15. Let us not refrain from the Trump birther movement.
And then their was our honorable oath to the Constitution elected republicans. Not just in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives. With their "you lie"shouting at the SOTU. How about privately inviting Israeli Prime Minister to speak in the halls of Congress and trash our sitting president's after Netanyahu received his U.S.A. aide for military and security for israel. So Israel can redirect money from their own economy toward universal health care for their country.
There was that Sen Tom (rotten) Cotton's petition letter every republican (spent 2 minutes considering before signing. To undermine/ bordering sedition the president's deal with Iran. Even though republicans do not talk to terrorists (Iran) they talked to Iran.
The Birther U.S. congressmen on TV saying "well I am not sure if Obama has a birth certificate". "He says he is Christian but not sure". Grown adult congressmen.
And hey, who can forget AZ. own governor and republican state legislators making sure they were heard by trying to force the president to show his birth certificate to Joe Arppio for approval to run for reelection as President. Everyone's favorite Texas nuggets of , seceding from the U.S. because of Obama and his debt he rang up in the first 2 months of his presidency.

And free speech, You think the paper would allow someone with opposing views to get in that public pulse to rebut? And do it under 250 characters max? There is the Breitbart's that were born out of Becky Becks and Limp-paws who were spawned via FOX.

But the paper's public pulse can seem to reflect a mass influx from people who don't buy their paper and can't read in a time where folks that do buy their paper. Well they are a minority voice and they can put someone polite and nice to respond to these comments of "How dare those liberals be disrespectful".
So the meme is played out in a paper like so many,are having a supposedly tough time getting readers (customers).
With all that 1st Amendment protection, it never protected the citizenry from the corruptness that extreme economic disparities to inflict.

There is supposed to be law that prohibits propagandizing in America. I think it only refers to Government propagandizing. Didn't seem to stop Bush and I have nothing to ensure otherwise with Trump's Adm.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now!"
-- lines that are no longer funny

(In no way is he stupid...
In no way is his brain impaired...)

e.a.f. said...

quess Trump doesn't understand that part about "freedom of speech" and there is nothing which says actors are exempt from exercising their rights and there is nothing which say politicians can't be criticised. Trump and Pence had better get used to it, the criticism. If they don't Trump may spend the major part of his presidency tweeting his displeasure. Hey that may work out really well.

Gee why would Trump be upset about people criticising pence. Trump has been criticising all sort of Americans.

keith gargus said...

Pence moseys into the ultimate enclave of gaydom, with an audience that is probably 70% liberal, and expects what? Buy the CD and stay the fuck away from civilization, cracker.

Robt said...

(In no way is he stupid...
In no way is his brain impaired...)

And GW Bush was a great businessman and with the extra plus of being smart.
You can recall this, right?

Jeb Bush is the smarter of the brothers. I know that because it was repeated over and over in the media. How he saved Florida as Governor.
Cannot leave out the honorable mention for the Vietnam war 5 deferment war hero and "Dark side: malingerer who saved us all *from getting out of national debt), Dick Cheney.

Just to understand how far America has come, I understand Liz Cheney won her father's old congressional seat in Wyoming.
Great, great things are expected from her in her rising star persona in the GOP.
maybe the first woman president, even?

Rusty White said...

Cheeto Jesus needs to grow a pair, because no president has gone into office with such high negative ratings and half of the american electorate will boo as is their given right under the first amendment.

Besides, anyone who tries to institute legislation that forces women to conduct funerals for abortions and miscarries is downright creepy and deserves to be ridiculed.

Dave McCarthy said...

"The Theater must always be a safe and special place"

Seriously, Drumpf came THIS CLOSE to saying "safe space", one of the right's favorite memes...