Monday, November 28, 2016

One Of Those Good News/Bad News Dealies


Rusty White said...

Wow. Just when I thought the Pig people's unfounded anger couldn't get any worse as their white trash king won, one of their exemplary minions gloats by throwing a tantrum on a crowded plane. This and the tantrum thrown in a Chicago area Michael's by a white woman claiming discrimination by a minority sales associate is further evidence that sadly a majority of this nation's citizens are insane and incapable of being educated or rationalized with.

drbopperthp said...

Welcome to the club Rus' - getcha another glass of that cold, hard reality you just knocked down???

RUKidding said...

Yeah, so all of those "Shy Trump" voters who didn't want to admit that they voted for him because, of course, THEY are not "like that" (meaning: racist, insane, assholes, sexist, xenophobic, jerks, rude, obnoxious, bigoted, homophobic, etc). THEY "just voted" for Trump because _______________ (fill in blank with some bullshit excuse).

And also because Trump will surely "shake things up" and "make things better." And my personal "favorite": "Surround himself with the BEST people."

Yeah, NO.

Sadly this is turning out just as I expected.

Good luck to all of us non-assholes out here.

Robt said...

The Trump value of loyalty in his hirings are animated images of that which does not exist.
Exhibit one;
Kellyanne with the Ted Cruz campaign. Kellyanne parachuting off the Hindenberg onto the mighty Titanic with Trump. She stayed employed, and got lucky.

Just look back at tall the greatest people he hired and fired already.
As for us Americans,
from the beginning the Trump otics were there to see.

Trump did not rise up the elevator to the American voter. He rode the escalator down.
Down to the paid applause of part time loyal actors.
And lit afire in every dumpster to the end to which no limit on dumpsters is in sight.