Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Blogger Ethics Forum

I was going to respond, but awhile ago Mr. Greenwald grew tired of me pointing out that sometimes he is not entirely honest with his readers, and sometimes he can be a colossal hypocrite.

And so...

At this point it's really just damn funny.  After all, I have no byline anywhere and I never will, nor do I have a billion-dollar sugar daddy underwriting my enterprise.  I am no one of importance, and the periodic slapfights being had between Mr. Greenwald and those of his critics he dare not block are taking place on mountaintops so far about my pay-grade that I can barely see them from here.

But the peanut gallery is still for everyone, and the petty, pissy nonsense with which Mr. Greenwald cheapens his reportage continues to be a source of inexpensive and entertaining theater for those of us who will live and die there.  


duquesnepdx said...

I guess gg doesn't have any experience with someone being imprisoned or having to flee the country because they exposed an unpleasant truth about our betters.
Oh, wait...

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

People who have blocked me in 2016, mostly early in the Democratic primary: Al Giordino, Joan Walsh, Anne Lamott, Mike Huckabee, Nicole Belle, Jill Stein, and about four or five women in a 12 Step meeting I occasionally attend. All but Huckabee, for supporting Bernie, then Stein for defending Hillary.
I'm sure Greenwald would block me if I cared enough to read, let alone comment on his shit. Unlike you, I find David Brooks' both-siderism more tolerable than Greenwald's. However, having said that, I sometimes defend him, depending on who's criticizing him.

Robt said...

The first tweet posted of Dowd saying,
_the vast majority of Trump voters aren't racists,sexists or mean spirited. Lets treat everyone with respect and show each other love".

First only a masochist could do such a thing after watching Trump's year long campaign of trashing everyone. Everyone that is not right and white.!

As far as the number of people who are not all those ugly things. Qasn't HTC kicked in the head for using the account as, "a majority of them could be in a basket of deplorables".
What ever the number of folks that vote for Trump in favor of all the KKK, White Supremacy, neo Nazi loud and proud mantra for well over a year. They said go ahead and do your racist thing. I am white and just want my tax break.
Let me put it this way (extreme I know), how many germans were not Nazi but went along with the final solution to send Jewish to the gas chambers?
For Down to tell people to be tolerant. Where was dowd on tolerance wheth the GOP on inauguration day of Obama, "mour sole job to make him a one term president". Where was Dowd telling the GOP to tone it down and love one another when at a SOTY Joe (GOP) Wilson abruptly disrespects our president by yelling out, "you lie".

I wonder if Dowd voted Trump to cut the VA to fund his tax cuts. And if those racists, Sexists, White Supremacists, Anti Semitic and KKK feel emboldened and we have to refight Nazi's in 2916. "they hell you say".

It may be a harsh analogy but no matter. We are in a Trump presidency now where grabbing your friend's daughters pussy is funny and a privilege.
So Dowd is willing to send Jews to the gas chambers for his tax break.!

Not mean spirited, it is just that conservative tough love they always told us about.

jim said...

Sorry dude - I, um, kind of seem to have somehow lost that billionaresugardaddy.exe app I was just about to send you.


Hey, I think these guys might be hiring soon.

Skookum bonus points to Mr. Pierce for his reply noting the soft-pedalling of Matt "Scramble That Egg Slower, Slut" Drudge as a "journalist" ... perhaps for still being a much more viral troll?