Saturday, October 08, 2016

When You've Lost The Android Sent From The Future To Destroy America...

... you are having a very bad day.

Soulless hobgoblins like Hewitt built a political party out of bigots, imbeciles and conspiracy freaks.

Those bigots, imbeciles and conspiracy freaks have chosen the candidate of their dreams.

End of story.


Hubert Vale said...

Finally, the chickens 🐔 have come home to roost and they're not leaving. 😀

John Taylor said...

Let see how Joe and Mika polish this turd.

RUKidding said...

BwaHaHa x 10Bazillion!!
Sitting in Danang air terminal looking at Burger King & wondering who lost the war after all..
Now Senior Pussy Grabber causes me to break down & watch CNN. It filled my heart w joy to see Trump looking like a hostage giving that mostly scripted speech.
My Q: what's the quid pro quo gonna be for Clinton when she wins? You know there's gonna be one.
Meanwhile reveling in what a LOSER Trump is.

keith gargus said...

You know a parade of women will be coming forward. This story runs until Nov 8. And I think the NYT has a story of sexual assault by the Yam in Ivankas bed. That will make things interesting at Sunday brunch. The best thing though is that today is the opening salvo of the gooper civil war. Trumpeteers are not treating the defectors nicely.

June Butler said...

Now he says it. Too late for that Hughie.

trgahan said...

"...Hewitt built a political party out of bigots, imbeciles and conspiracy freaks."

Yes, he did...but the first rule of being a Republican candidate is NEVER, EVER, look so bad in front of liberals that the media can't white wash it away. THAT is why the Hewitt's finally have to back away from Trump or the coming splatter will hit them.

jim said...


"I hereby disavow my recent bout of rubbbing shit in my hair in public so as to resume doing so on behalf of a future fascist nutbar of Teh Party's choosing. Hail Hydra!"