Friday, October 07, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #357

"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."
--   John F. Kennedy



portlandmaxtrains said...

You uploaded the Sept 30th show by mistake!

driftglass said...

Try again.

Lawrence said...

Put the bunny back in the box.

Robt said...

Blessed is the podcast that is wrapped up and put out before a Donald Trump sex predatorial video is released. Released to test the firm Trump supporter.

Not sure if there is a handi wipe strong enough to wipe get it off.

I am not running and do not intend to run for president. knowingly I can say when it comes to the GOP base.
I could get up at the GOP primary. Walk up to a table on stage.
Unzip and flop Mr. tubular on the tabletop in front of everyone there. To " how dare you's".
Until I grab a sharpie and write a large capital " R " on my penis. And then the applause, and majority primary vote would I receive with enthusiasm.

Remember Our Current speaker of the House and present Senate Majority Leader have and continue to endorse and support that Penis with an " R : on it.

I am doing this so you at the Professional Left do not have to.

Returning the many favors of doing it for me.

banker puppy said...

Well, I’m surprised the forgiveness thing carried over to the podcast. I greatly appreciate driftglass being so clear about his position on the subject.

My observations--
--To driftglass’ comment about forgiving for one’s mental health, I invite you, as you mentioned elsewhere in the podcast, to do a little online research. Forgiveness is linked to reduced depression, lower blood pressure, lower rates of heart disease, better immune system function, less stress, and increased levels of peace, self-confidence and compassion. It’s like vitamins, except it’s free.
--As driftglass mentions, it is by now obvious the GOP will continue to do the things it’s been doing. Forgiveness is not about changing the behavior of others. And, unlike driftglass, I don’t view forgiveness as giving anyone a free pass.
--driftglass believes he lacks the authority to “forgive people for what they’ve done to everybody else,” but here he seems quite willing to convict and sentence the wrongdoers on behalf of everybody else with phrases like “we have to destroy you” and “we have to humiliate you in front of the world.” That's exacting justice, which I view as separate from forgiveness.

Again, I greatly appreciate his being so open with his views.

jim said...

On forgiveness:

All pardons are equal, but some pardons are more equal than others - see Pelosi's "impeachment is off the table" for details.

The dichotomy between Bubba McSixpack & Donald Trump is epic. The offense of the supporters is the more threatening if it succeeds - but the political perps' crimes are active & the damage they can & do inflict on human progress is both radical & potentially existential.

The not-so-dank meme of "Golly Mugwumps, teh Deplorables are actually way way worse than Pence or Trump because we have to respect the noble historical heritage & philosophical ethos of conservatism or we're just as bad as Hitler & also too ZOMG YOU GUISE SCARY MOB IS SO SCARY" is yet another very emotionally appealing footbullet.

Note that dedication to a Scorched Earth paradigm - from either wing - plays into maintenance of a snake-brain-based polity. The symphonic drone of "elections are all about the feels not the facts" is sounding ever less like insider savvy & ever more like "only ever driven by a little old lady to the store & back, she purrs like a cat when you step on the gas, this baby's a steal at twice the price."

If Trump winds up torpedoed for being a randy chauvinist pig on tape, while torture, nukes for the House of Saud or destroying Iranian boats if they moon your sailors all were met with crickets, that's a tell: the Faith-Based Nihilist project is moving toward its omnicidal benchmark on schedule & under budget.

This is another tell.

Robt said...

Maybe we got it all wrong on forgiveness.

Isn't forgiveness when you continue to ignore that Trump has never been a groper, wtc even when evidence is provided we it causes us to be even more fervent in our support for him and condemn for ever the media that is rigged and attacking him?

Like asking for forgiveness after denying any such doings. Then asking for forgiveness when you are caught with absolute proof. You then ask for forgiveness as you tell everyone you are going to attack someone else for what another person committed?

You know, Forgiveness..........

VonWenk said...

Thank you. For at least four years, since the first Obama/Romney debate, I've wondered how someone's openly lying in a debate doesn't count against them in assessing whether or not they won the debate, especially when the listener knows someone is lying. You're right, Driftglass: These are no more debates than the "personalities" on cable news are journalists. Isn't this partially why the League of Women Voters pulled out of sponsoring these spectacles and was replaced by the Commission on Presidential Debates, because the two parties wanted more control over how they were conducted?

dinthebeast said...

I agree that the ones who know better should not get a pass. A good example is Scott Adams, who draws the Dilbert comic. He has been peddling utter horseshit on his blog daily about how us mere mortals can't understand Trump's powers of persuasion like he can because something something hypnosis. Now he has taken Erick son of Erick's challenge to write 6000 words explaining why the Access Hollywood tape makes Trump brilliant. Oh yeah, and comments are disabled at his blog.
It's obviously a game to him, and to quote Jon Stewart, it's not a fucking game (to us).
Some people were giving him shit on twitter about it, and he responded with a blog post entitled "The Day I Became a Target."

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

If I seem to get my High Dudgeon on as to overly enthusiastic condemnation of right-wing Bubbas, it's because circa 1979 I WAS A TEENAGE REDNECK ... knowing that the only things separating me from the Deplorables are accidents of timing & geography (along with a massive dose of Vitamin Dummy-Up in the form of life experience) is humbling to say the least. As to the hopelessness of any of them ever changing, one might want to tell that to John Cole, or Charles Johnson, or even (gag) Arianna Huffington.

As to the knowing agents & their enablers?
No quarter. No refuge. No more Mulligans.
Full & unconditional surrender, period.

Vichy Amerika must fall - for good - or it will tear apart its host from the inside out.