Monday, October 03, 2016

One More Jaw-Dropping Trumpian Hypocrisy...

...that would snuff out the campaign of any candidate whose supporters weren't raving, racist idiots.


RUKidding said...

Trump's delusional, and often sad, authoritarian white supremacist base will never ever ever respond to anything approaching such notions as reason, rationality, logic, reality, facts, truth. They simply don't give a shit. Big Daddy is going to take care of THEM in some special way.

Look, this is the magical thinking that's been pushed out there for 40+ years in our main stream media, by churches, by all sorts of organizations. None of these deluded fools are going to see the "light" anytime soon.

Trump lies about everything. If Trump's lips are moving and sound is coming out, it's a lie. His fans don't care. The end.

Robt said...

Contemplate this on the tree of absurd bias

In the 1st debate addressing support of Iraq war.

The donald answered a Question with using a life line (as shown on TV).

Quote,"If you don't believe me call Sean Hannity". (Seany, the bastion of truth, justice and the American way)? Pretends to be a journalist on TV.

Now what if Hillary responding to such an easy question stated;
"If you don't believe me about the emails. Call Michael Moore"???????????????????

Will Trump have us call Putin to verify there admirations for each other next?