Monday, October 03, 2016

Mr. Law and Order Gets Some Law and Order

You order it.

Now eat it.

From NBC News:
Trump Foundation Ordered by New York AG to Stop Fundraising

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office on Monday ordered the Donald J. Trump Foundation to "immediately cease soliciting contributions" after a report that the charity lacked the proper authorization to seek public donations.

"The Attorney General's office is the sole regulator of charities in New York State, and when evidence of clear misconduct is brought to our attention, we take action," a spokesman for the attorney general's office said in a statement.

The "Notice of Violation" letter obtained by NBC News warned that the charity "shall be deemed a continuing fraud upon the people of New York" unless it provided required paperwork regarding its fundraising activities within the next 15 days.

The move comes after the Washington Post reported last week that the foundation lacked a required state certification that would allow it to request funding from the public. Trump organized a veterans event after canceling a primary debate appearance in January and collected $1.67 million through a website directing donations to the Trump Foundation.

Schneiderman recently announced he had opened an inquiry into Trump's Foundation, which has faced intense scrutiny in recent weeks on several fronts...
Even professional lunatic, tender of the Eternal Flame of Imaginary St. Ronnie and the Frank Sinatra Junior of the wingnut mafia -- Mr. Michael Reagan -- just can't keep his lunch down anymore:

Reagan’s Son Rails Against Trump In Fiery Tweetstorm 

“If this is where he is going I cannot follow him,” he wrote in a Twitter barrage.

Ronald Reagan’s son is lashing out against Donald Trump, expressing his disbelief and disappointment that the man running for president on the GOP ticket technically represents the same party his father once did.
“No way do I or would my father support this garbage,” Michael Reagan wrote in a tweetstorm Sunday night, linking to a Politico article dissecting Trump’s latest comments on Hillary Clinton, his opponent, whom he accused of being unfaithful to former President Bill Clinton.
“If this is where he is going I cannot follow him,” he continued, adding that his father would have probably reacted by saying something like: “I didn’t leave the Party, the Party left me.”
Reagan also urged Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, to take a stand against Trump...

If you're hanging by your nails over the political Sarlacc Pit that you helped create, hoping for Reince Priebus to show up and save your ass --

-- you are about to have a a very bad day.


RUKidding said...

No Ron, Jr, the party didn't leave YOU. YOU feckin left the steaming stinking pathetic twisted perverted shitheap called the Republican Party that you, and your feckless Dad, did all you could do to create and fluff along. Stand up and be a mensch and admit your feckin responsibility for once; and take your licks. Oops, that's unpossible.

What's hilarious is expecting Rinse Pubis to actually DO something... like:

When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream & shout.
Herman Wouk

As Bugs Bunny used to say: That's all, folks!

trgahan said...

Feeling cynical...I doubt this is a pursuit of justice, but the New York-based powers that be letting Trump know he's fucking up too much in public and he's losing the "look the other way" benefits (like using a charitable foundation as front) that other people in that socioeconomic bracket get.

dinthebeast said...

What? Trump's tax dodge, er, I mean foundation can't take people's money in New York any more? Does that mean he'll have to start paying taxes on some of the money he makes in New York for a while? Or are there other "losses" with which he can write that income off with also?

-Doug in Oakland

bluicebank said...

Drumph's doing it wrong. You're supposed to do your criming AFTER entering the White House, not before the election.

Even Ron Jr.'s dad, no genius he, waited until safely ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania before the Iran-Contra shell game.

Jeff Ryan said...

@RUKidding: It's Michael Reagan, not Ron Reagan.

Wrong son.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Actually, RU, Ron Jr. left the GOP a while ago. Michael is neither the same person nor the same apostle.

RUKidding said...

Sorry. My mistake. Busy day. Thanks for correcting.

Jeff Ryan said...

@RUKidding: No prob. Just trying to set the record straight. Easy mistake.

keith gargus said...

Ron Jr is fairly progressive in his politics. I don't think he has been affiliated with the GOP since he became an adult.

Robt said...

If anyone considers right minded, light headed Michael Reagan's positions of much anything worth more value than a drunken cab drivers advice how to get somewhere after taking you on a lost tour of the city in his stupor.

That would be Michael's credibility. The Reagan son that willingly was used by Rush, Beck, The recent prisoner release of G Gordon Libby AM radio show (sponsored by Koch). Every lunatic AM'er (brought to you by Koch). Michael could only be mad Trump hasn't made him any financial offers with Donny's campaign. Mikey is realizing his expiration use for consumption expiring.

Ron Reagan (brother of Michael) has eloquently elaborated on Trump for some time now.

When it comes to your theme song.
Just eat it, is a responsibility the GOP will never accept (like GW). What they want is, for everyone else to eat it. last I checked, I am not a dung beetle.

Dave McCarthy said...

'The "Notice of Violation" letter obtained by NBC News warned that the charity "shall be deemed a continuing fraud upon the people of New York" unless it provided required paperwork regarding its fundraising activities within the next 15 days.'

HA! As if providing the required paperwork is going to change the nature of the fraud! :-D