Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fundraiser Day Seven: Hugh Hewitt Racks Up More Wingnut Good Boy Points

After the third and final presidential "debate" last Wednesday, the inexplicably-still-employed Hugh Hewitt showed up to debate the debate looking sad.  Well, not "sad" exactly: "sad" is one of those human emotional states which Mr. Hewitt has not yet figured out how to simulate.

So let's just say he showed up looking like a superannuated Sears Menswear mannequin that had been worked over with a bag of doorknobs.

His mission:  Jam the words "Project Veritas" into the conversation as hard and as often as possible before Joy Ann Reid and Chris Hayes' sheer incredulity forces him to power down.  (Loyal Republican wind-sock Michael Steele takes it a step further by insinuating that it was really Sekrit Democrats masquerading as Republicans who got Trump nominated in the first place, )

Let's go to the tape!  (h/t Crooks & Liars)

Because, according to Mr. Hewitt, if you don't get right down in the pig-shit and rassle with scum like O'Keefe every time he sharts in public, the you "[play] into rigged media" narrative.

If this sounds familiar, it's because this is exactly the same "reasoning" you find with every unhinged Alt-Right twitter egg and ALL CAPS Conservative emailer in Christendom:  the infantile and idiotic insistence that if you don't let them set the terms of the "debate" and if you don't take the time to individually rebut every single one of the infinite number of shit-dipped lies and conspiracies they Gish Gallop around every single day, then they "win"!  


In case you were unfamiliar, "Project Veritas" is the for-profit Conservative ratfucking racket run by seedy wingnut hatchet man, James O'Keefe:
Trump neglected, however, to mention his own connection to the videos, released by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas tax-exempt group. According to a list of charitable donations made by Trump‘s controversial foundation (provided to the Washington Post in April by Trump’s campaign), on May 13, 2015, it gave $10,000 to Project Veritas.

What’s more, there is a great deal of reason to be skeptical of the videos themselves. O’Keefe has a long history of selectively editing videos to present a false impression to the viewer. His most famous video, an attack on the now-defunct community organizing group ACORN, supposedly showed employees agreeing to help him smuggle underage prostitutes into the country. It turned out the employees later had called the police and O’Keefe eventually paid $100,000 in a settlement after being sued for surreptitious recording of someone’s voice and image. 
Even Glenn Beck’s conservative The Blaze slammed O’Keefe over a selectively-edited video purporting to show unethical action on the part of National Public Radio executives, faulting “ editing tactics that seem designed to intentionally lie or mislead about the material being presented...
Again, on Twitter, Mr. Hewitt brags to his owners that he done good!

In case you missed it, America's Most Humble and Respected Conservative Public Intellectual -- Mr. David Brooks of the New York Times -- has also gone into the business of mainstreaming seedy wingnut hatchet man, James O'Keefe.

Which might make the more vividly imaginative among you speculate as to just exactly what kind of sordid, badly-edited, "2 AM and drunk on the Lido deck at the National Review Cruise"  footage of Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Brooks might be on-file with "Project Veritas"?

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Randy said...

"Bag of doorknobs " I gotta write that down

Bob Harrison said...

You know, Pierre Salinger got historically shit-canned into the great conspiracy memory hole for less egregious dumbassery than Hewitt has exhibited, re: giving a nanojiffy of attention to anything O'Keefe does.

RUKidding said...

If the Trump collaborators have to "go there" with O'FuckingKeefe, it's pretty much an admission that they got nothing. Zip zilch nada nada enchilada. I'm not sure - could be wrong given we're talking about the craven lying sack of shit GOP - there's any lower one can go.

Never forget, however, that these Trump fluffer apologist enabling collaborators "went there" with known lying confabulist O'FuckingKeefe in a stupidly vainglorious attempt to justify this mentally deranged megalomaniac fascist demagogue.

Unknown said...

Michael Steele.
Say, wasn't he the guy who got into trouble by paying homeless folk a bill and then bussing them out to Democratic districts to pass out fake voter guides saying the Democrats support that Steele guy running for office?
Projection is just turtles all the way down in the GOP.

Robt said...

"Hugh Hewitt showed up to debate the debate looking sad. Well, not "sad" exactly: "sad" is one of those human emotional states which Mr. Hewitt has not yet figured out how to simulate."

No, You had it correct the first time. Hewey "LOOKED" sad and accordingly "sounded sad/ Not sad in the essence of "feeling depressed". Looking sad in the eyes of the beholder. Sad as in Pathetic (poorly displayed himself".

the lifting of O Keefe by Hewy raises Hewey's stature as DFB elevates Keefe he raises Hewey's stock which in turn shores up DFB's club pole polishers job for doing as told by his master. That is why your there DFB, not because of letters and words without cognizant conclusions.
Not even the Log Cabin republicans threatening outing shame that DFB and or whomever are one of them but more like Twig Cabin republicans, would be enough to cast them out of the flock. Remember Gillespie was outed while RNC chair and he stayed on and is still active. Only Idaho's Larry Craig instance would the folks in his state get riled. But would only result in another GOP in his spot.
But sad. So sad is Hewey's argument. If you do not enable the bank robbers, then you are promoting and inflicting poverty which makes you the criminal here.

the conservative first amendment of free speech clearly dictates the right to lie, cheat,swindle and propagandize the American people for profit.
Like what do we have against making a profit?
Wells Fargo made a profit from that very same conservative first amendment.
Freedom to open fake accounts, charge fees. That damn Dodd/ Frank with all it's regulations.
Our President once asked, "does anyone think the 2007 economic collapse was because there was too much regulation"?

And so I ask,
"Does anyone think that Americans can make the best decisions when it comes to them voting when people like O Keefe is not regulated into obscurity?

One thing for sure is, people like the Koch Brothers promote this stuff and why they do? Is where the most optimus reason to use the word, Nefarious" is validated.

One other issue,
If we take Hewey's illogical rubic cube (missing parts) to heart. Then why not use this same argument for Kim Jong, Putin, Assad or Mr. bad hombre himself, El Baghdadi?

If they do not run with there propaganda and legitimize it (Which is what they are daring the cable networks to do) Then I guess Trump will just have to start his own (snews) network and then you will be forced to air this shit like FOX causes you to do already. We will own and bury you.
Just think of all the idiot viewers you will have for your ratings?

And a tip of the hat to Joy and Chris Hayes on this on. Tweety jsut had to give him the time as if Hewey doesn't smell like a 4 day old dead flounder in the bathroom.

wagonjak said...

He also claimed with a straight face after the third debate that "Trump won the first 15 rounds!" Apparently only losing the 16th because of his outrageous remark about not honoring the result of the election!

Dr.BDH said...

When you're lying on the mat, unconscious, with your teeth strewed out around you at the end of the 16th round, who cares how well you did in rounds 1 to 15?

Cugel said...

Hewett and Brooks don't need to be presented with blackmail photos of themselves to keep in line. A much better analogy is simply the highly paid and privileged apparatchiks who reported to Mikhail Suslov in Soviet Russia. These were men so deeply stained and corrupted by decades of serial lying and toadying to power, and feathering their own nests, that they never even thought of rebelling. They knew themselves to be so far gone down the rabbit hole that they didn't know how to do or even think anything else any more. They are like Dorian Grey desperate to keep up appearances, so as to avoid ever looking, even for a brief moment, at that secret self portrait they keep hidden away, and never show to anyone, not even to God. Reality is worse and more corrupt than The Firm.

Kapuscinski put it best in his description of the Court of Hailie Selassie in The Emperor their access to wealth and power "is a wonderful thick hedge, ever dazzling and blooming that separates you from everything. Through that hedge, you do not see the creeping poverty, do not smell the stench of misery, do not hear the voices of the dregs. And yet at the same time you know all that exists, and you feel proud because of your hedge. You have money, and that means you have wings. You are the bird of paradise that everyone admires. . .

Money transforms your own land into an exotic country. Everything will start to astonish you, the way people live, the things they worry about, and you will say "No that's impossible." Because you will already belong to another civilization. And you must know this law of culture: two civilizations cannot really know and understand each other well. You will start going deaf and blind. You will be content in your civilization surrounded by your hedge, but the signals from the other civilization will be as incomprehensible to you as if they had been sent by the inhabitants of Venus. If you feel like it [like David Brooks] you can become an explorer in your own country, like Columbus, Magellan. But, I doubt you will have such a desire. Such expeditions are very dangerous, and you are no madman, are you? You are already a man of your own civilization and you will fight for it. You will water your own hedge. You are exactly the kind of gardener that the Emperor needs. You don't want to lose your own feathers, and the Emperor needs people who have a lot to lose."

jim said...

Surely liberals everywhere are now quaking in the gunsights of a journalistic powerhouse like Project Veritas (HQ: Probably Still Mom's Basement). That O'Keefe's ratfucker skill-set can net him a solid corporate gig any day of the week is a telling truism.