Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#DebateNight: The Toreador

Some of my tweets from debate night, which I delivered to you the consumer until it became such a comprehensive beat-down that I had to just sit back and marvel:
Check, check.  Mike check.  "Forget it Jake, it's...Chinatown". Check, check.

Too many "H"-sounds in your first sentence, Holt.  Watch it!

Hillary sneezing into her hand before shaking was a nice touch

Hillary Clinton talks Sensible Policy.  OMG, this is the most boringest debate ever!

Donald Trump:  China.  Mexico.  Winning fight.  So many of them.  I have a friend.  He has a plant and is taking Ford with him.

 Donald Trump:  They're stealing our jobzes!  I'm going to cut taxes like mad.

Hillary Clinton:  I believe in helping the middle class.

Donald Trump has the sniffles.  Bad. Like glue-sniffing bad. Uh oh.

Hillary busts out The Maths.  No fair!

Donald Trump: Solar power is a disaster.  The Sun is a lie!  Coal, bitches!  Coal and whale oil!

Hillary drops the "F"-bomb.  "Facts".  How dare she.

Donald Trump: Hillary's tax program gives ISIS all our secret plans!  She has been supporting ISIS her whole life.

Trump:  Nobody ever learned nuttin' from tax returns.  Many friends of mine say so.  Many.  Tremendous.  Friends.

Tax returns, schmax returns!  You tell 'em Donald!  -- Al Capone

Trump: We need law and order.  I love Charlotte.  I have a lot of money there. Also that other city where that other thing happened.

Trump: Gangs of roving bands of armed immigrants.  Cops are refusing to enforce the law.  Cats and dogs living together!

Trump: In Chicago, Barack Obama is stalking the streets.  With Hispanics.  And I have a lot of money there!

That thing on Donald Trump's head looks unhappy.  Very unhappy.  Wants out of there.  Now.  Big time.

 Donald Trump rode this racist birther pony all the way to this stage tonight & now he wants to shoot it & move on.  Hey, fuck you, scumbag

How big a racist meathead do you have to be to looking at this lying lunatic and say "Yeah!  This guy!"

Trump: Curtis LeMay loves me.  Loves.  Me.

Trump: My son loves his computers.  What with the internet and the cybers and such.

Trump: ISIS uses the internet.  Damn you, Obama!!!!!!!

"Take the oil."  This shit again?  Really?

Finally someone mentions the Bush Admin SOFA that set the rules for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Trump: For fuck's sake why won't anyone call Trusted Newsman Sean Hannity.  He was there.  He helped me bury that hooker!!!

Donald Trump just said that blowing an Iranian ship out of the water in a fit of pique wouldn't start a war.  Jesus.

Trump:  I was almost a giant asshole.  Almost.  But I decided not to.  Because I am a great man.  Possibly the greatest.

If you were taking a shot every time this lying POS bracketed his lies with "Believe me" you'd h/b dead an hour ago.

Trump kept showering himself in napalm.  Hillary kept handing him matches.

The media lowered the bar into the dirt for Trump and he still garroted himself on it and burst into flames.

Random typing chimp nearly generates single coherent sentence.  Media swoons.

Over in Fox, Howard Kurtz's verdict was that Trump went "90 minutes without any major gaffes".   Mistah Kurtz knows damn well who signs his checks.

Soon-to-be indicted human compost heap Chris Christie is spinning for Trump on MSNBC.  Because apparently there are no other humans left on Earth to talk to.

Trump won't lose any votes because Trump voters are infinitely reprogrammable meatheads.

Time to shift the discussion to the fundamental incompetence of the Trump voter to participate in our democracy.

Trump:  Lester, I'm gonna use one of my lifelines and call Sean Hannity.

It is long past time to shift the discussion to the fundamental incompetence of the Trump voter to participate in our democracy.

So with NATO, suddenly Don the Con gets fussy about people honoring their contracts.

Waiting for the Hugh Hewitt spin on the Trump sharting himself to death in from of 100 million people.

If you were taking a shot every time this lying POS bracketed his lies with "Believe me" you'd have been dead an hour ago.

Trump die-hard on MSNBC typical of the breed -- just repeating "Benghazi!" because that's how these racist morons live with themselves.

Has anyone ever completely immolated himself in front of more people than Donald Trump is doing right now?  #askingforafriend

A merciful referee would have stopped this after the third round.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Hugh Hewitt:

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Chuck Todd:


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

After the debate, I posited that the chances of Trump backing out of the other 2 debates had gone up to 70%.

I was wrong.

After seeing the result from new sources, insta-polls, and online, that now has to be above 80%.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, FWIW, I was early out of the gates with cocaine jokes. Sniff, Donald. Sniff.

Robt said...

In my educated humble opinion,
Anyone listening to chucks tell them that, "American public' might be tonight's big loser."
Are the real losers for listening to a loser.

Todd, in the news media predicts Americans are the losers for watching his industry fail Americans in their rating productions in the form of what is promoted as a World federation wrestling match and not the moment for the American news media to provide the information the American public need desperately to decide their casting of their vote for this election.
Perhaps Chuck feels the Both siderism may not be so prevalent to perpetrate on viewers.
Promoting a cage match to boost ratings. Providing a media whore with at least a billion dollars of free air time. Including vacant Trump podiums while never covering another candidate (Bernie Sanders). Allowing vacant Trump to call it in and espouse any misleading untruth was on his tongue at the moment.

Thanks for setting the record factually straight for any Americans that might ave tuned into Chuck and his cohorts not providing the basic task enshrined of the press to the People that has been entrusted to them and they decided rating promotions and profits for their industry was of more value.

Lit3Bolt said...

Avoid the Voids.

They are Voids. They suck you in, and make you think like them. But they are Voids.

Stay outside from the Voids, and you will Be Safe. Join us with the Naruu in the Light. Avoid the Voids, because they give nothing and receive nothing. They are helpless in their Darkness. Be productive in the Light, rather than fighting helplessly against the Void.

Robt said...

Got off work and came home to catch up on the debate.

Listening to some TV people telling their take. Not much both sider. Much ado over Trump with little to none clear policy or example. Mostly braggadocious promises and trust mes.
Watched the debate rerun while reading off the inter-tubes.

Nice cats meowing on the debate, you did.

I think it fair to mention you chose to leave out a couple of brilliantly proud moments for Trump Juniors who watched.

Trump crows proudly that he discriminated in rentals (but others did it too). And cawed loudly that he, Settled without admitting guilt".

Not paying taxes in earlier years tax returns. not paying for the military and veterans, he wraps himself patriotically in. He snidely Whiplashingly blurts out that, "makes him smart".
Referencing the Trump Edition dictionary. Smart is defined as Selfish, greedy, beyond a point to harm others.
Don't check Websters, Trust me.

Let us refrain from suspicion that Trump cannot and should not release his tax returns and doesn't have to because Americans don't care.
It isn't the first time a conservative ass bush called me Un American."!!!!!!!

Buttttttt!, He will release his taxes. Those same taxes that are being audited. That his top best lawyers order him not to release. But with release them if Hillary will release her emails.
Is Trump a privacy perv?

To Mom
FM Chelsea
so you know, your grandchild sleeping like a baby.
Tell Dad will meet him for diner. OK.

Now it's Donald's turn to release something, eh?

Maybe it should be his school transcripts. Because he got the F for fucked in homework and preparing. Which affected his presentation.

With media interviewing goups of folks who haven't adequate brain activity to make a decision with facts stickking them in the eye like a sharp stick.
A lady who says she is democrat and is for anyone but Hillary. The republican that is anyone but Trump. The republican that is for Trump (purty darn sure Trump or death). Are we to be inindated with these bbutt pimples interviewed until the election. So they can make up their (achem) minds?

And only now on the TV do I get you on the Hewey Hewy.......................

Redhand said...

Chuck Todd says 'American public' might be tonight's big loser.

OMFG! Really? Clinton slices and dices Carrot Top and "the American public" is "the big loser."

OhfuckyouChucktodd. Somebody needs to nail this asshole to a road and drive over him with a road-roller, feet first at 5 mph. This has to be the most sickening both-siderist horseshit I've ever heard.

RUKidding said...

I've read on lefty blogs that I mostly trust that, while HRC pretty much decked the life outta Trump, what Ttump said - as blatheringly ranty as it sounds to those of us in reality land - was what his white supremacist fan boyz 'n girlz wanna hear.

I didn't watch, and I confess to avoiding most of Trump's utterances like the plague, so I am totally unqualified to judge how his White Supremacist base will respond to this. I did read that some more "traditional" Republicans - I guess that's those with education and the ability to think just a little bit - were not impressed and did not like what they saw & heard.

I doubt that this will push the numbers very much. It's depressing to witness the usual hype and spin in our very debauched, owned by the .0001%, media. The media barons, of course, are all IN for Trump bc they'll benefit from his Tax plan which is really yet another Tax HEIST from the middle and working classes (such as exists anymore). That includes robbing Trump's fans, but they don't get that. They just wanna be "free" to say the n word in public.

Go figure.

dinthebeast said...

I don't think the numbers will move much over the debate itself. They were each talking to their own constituency, and the two of them don't even speak the same language any more.
Perhaps some of those "undecideds" they keep slavishly insisting actually exist might be swayed by the coverage of the debate, as they want to agree with what's popular, and if they hear in the media that Hillary mopped the floor with that thing on his head enough times, the weather vanes on top of their necks might creak around a little...

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

I only saw about the last four or five minutes.


Clinton looked like she just won the Powerball lottery & Trump looked like he'd just run 10 km with an ill-tempered sneak of weasels affixed to his scrotum.

*reads reactions & summaries next morning*

Nailed that shit.

Dave McCarthy said...

RUKidding- can't say I blame you for not watching, but i watched and heard the whole thing. Those who say Hillary cleaned his clock are correct. To hear people praise Drumpf for his performance is like seeing a rerun of "Family Feud" where a guy blurts out something truly moronic and his clan (see what I did there?) jumps up and down and shouts "GOOD ANSWER".

Drumpf struck to his familiar vague boiler plate talking points for a while, HRC got under his skin early with a reference to a 14 million dollar inheritance being VERY helpful in his not-quite-rags-to-riches climb to fortune and fame. Then he slowly unraveled, and by the end was babbling and sputtering just like I HOPED he would. (Look out for "cyber", folks! Whatever it is, it's BAD!) He spoke in his patented stream-of-unconsciousness style.

the highlight(s) of suffering through Drumpf's "performance" was following Driftglass' twitter stream in real time.