Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trumpwrangler Kellyanne Conway Goes Back To Square One

And she was sooooo close (the last 30 seconds are especially apt.)

Because once again:


bluicebank said...

I think it's safe to finally admit Donald into the Aaron Burr Crazy Presidential Candidate & Hair Growth For Men Club.

colleeniem said...

I have no snark. God damnit. We must be better than this.

Robt said...

When it comes to The Donald NOT making it through one day without saying crazy shit.

My latest Favorite is Trump letting the flying monkeys out to stretch their wings.

----------Right after Hillary speech on Trump campaign "hiring the best people".
Like Bannon.

If this is both siderosis in Chucky's world. I will take another serving. Because I haven't been convinced that everyone outside of Chucky's circle is not chewing on this before swallowing.

So I am for more to chew on and more chewing...............

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

There's a College Humor video called, "Chris Brown's Publicist"...

This is what I imagine it must be like to be a Trump-advocate these days.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

Donald's VP choice was on the CNN. How Obama and Democrats are solely responsible for all the economic ill of the blacks. How The Donald is just so burning to make Black Lives Matter while demeaning BLM in his campaign.
Yet Pence spent most of his time as Gov of Indy promoting the right to deny cake baking to certain Americans. That wasn't enough, Pence "worked tirelessly" to ensure the cake bakers can deny their service loudly, ugly and disgustingly proud. That it would embolden others to live out their childhood dreams of being free enough to discriminate.

But what took first place in the words of Pence in his interview,
"We are talking about the party of Lincoln".
Trump, Trump's father(Fred), Nor Bannon or the Coultergeist would never, NEVER unite and be part of Lincoln's party at the time.
The conservative ideology wanted to hold on to the good old ways of slavery.

It astounds me that republicans must go back 100 years to lie about something they opposed then as they still do today.
"Liberal blather" Pence might retort.

Which would bring to questioning his entire political party ever since the Civil Rights Act pushing to return to make America great again like it was with the Jim Crow Laws.
If Pence is Donald's "best" of the best hirings, how long will Trump stay with him? Before he fires Pence in another campaign 'adjustment" to hire another "best" person for the job.

Pence speaking about Civil Rights when he supported the SCOTUS gutting of parts of the Civil Rights Act and all the impediments that can be put in place to affected voters of their Voter suppressions.
The thought of Granny asking Sylvester (the cat) where Tweety (bird) is. As Tweety,s little yellow feathers are protruding out of Sylvester's mouth.
-When Granny realizes Tweety is in Sylvester's mouth and the cat had denied any involvement.
Granny gets out the broom and begins WACKING the Tweety out of the Sylvester.
But this is a a description of a animated cartoon. Where we are watching a produced reality show of Trump.

RUKidding said...

Yesterday National Propaganda Radio had some different AA Trump surrogate (not that wooden Lavell creature that was trounced by Blow on MSNBC - I think - earlier in the week). Clearly either Bannon or CONway or some other PTB has done gone out and hired them some House Blacks to parrot out Trump talking points... the irony being that Trump, himself, likely has no clue what these surrogates are saying in his name.

This guy (forget name) was every bit as wooden and scripted as Lavell was... woodenly repeating credulous nonsense about how Trump really really "cares" about "the Blacks" (well to be honest, this guy didn't use that phrase). All about how Democratic pols, including Obama and Clinton, have "abandonded" AAs, and the Donald is THE ONE who will SAVE Them from themselves. And similar bullshit.

I don't know how these AAs can live with themselves, but I guess the paycheck must be pretty sweet. GAH.

And btw, I was in Costco this weekend. Of course the Coultergeist's square thing that vaguely resembles a "book" was for sale there. I had a good laugh looking at that. But once again, I duly note that nearly any time I go into any Costco (I use several in 2 cities, but my observations are, of course, annecdotal) there is almost always a PLETHORA of these rightwingnut books there, "written" by the Coultergeist, Glenn Beck, O'Reilly and similar. I don't think I've ever ever seen anything written with a leftwing, or even just objective, perspective. I get it that Costco is allegedly appealling to their "shoppers," but is it really true that ONLY rightwing books are of interest to ALL Costco shoppers??? One has to wonder who makes these decisions, and what influence is brought to bear on Costco's book buying decisions.

Patrick D said...

I will gladly take The Monster(Peter Boyle) over Drumfenstein any day!!

dinthebeast said...

Is the "square one" Ms. Conway is going back to Todd Akin, or are there other squares with lower numbers than him?

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

RU Kidding. Well, it's probably not the management of Costco who are well-known Democratic fundors. It's the marketplace; if Al Franken was still writing funny political books they'd probably be at Costco too. But, for whatever reasons, Democrats don't write these kind of dumbed down, ready to be remaindered types of books.