Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today In Soooo Close: Ron Fournier, The Sad Clown of Centrism

Like a carny trying to lure the rubes into playing a rigged milk bottle pyramid game, today Ron Fournier showed that, by gum, it is possible to win the Big Prize by Temporarily Knocking Down His Creepy Both Sider Fetish.  All your have to do is hit the pile of rigged issues he has set up in exactly the right spot...dozens of times in nearly impossibly quick velocities which the corked softballs Mr. Fournier uses cannot achieve without superhuman assistance.

And if events conspire to break just exactly this way, well then son, you get that Big Prize!
Trump's Second Amendment Comment Cannot Be Excused
Regardless of his intentions, the statement proves he’s unfit for the White House.

If Trump meant to incite violence, he should be in jail. If this was an accident—if Trump doesn’t understand the danger he loaded into his language; if he doesn’t know how to measure his words—he should not be president
.Go ahead. Walk it around the midway and make sure you tell everyone where you got it!

And I was about to do just that.

But then, just as I was about to leave the booth...
I believe most Trump supporters are actually smarter than their candidate and more tolerant. They aren’t insecure bullies and bigots and sexists, but they are so desperate for change that they’re willing to roll the dice.
Oh Ron, no.  No.  You took that one, clean moment we just shared made it all weird and creepy.

And you were soooo close.


dinthebeast said...

If they support Trump, they are not smarter than Trump, at least on the issue of who should be president. If they were smarter, they wouldn't be supporting Trump. He's his own criterion on that, you might say. Even rich guys are stupid for supporting him, if you look at the evidence.

-Doug in Oakland

Cugel said...

All the rats are preparing lifeboats early so as to be able to say - after the Trumptanic sinks finally into the abyss: "I was never on board that ship! I was saying 'look out for the iceberg" the whole time!'" Then it will all be "Trumpism" NOT the GOP!

Or as Monty Python put it: "I was never a member of the Nazi party! I was sick all during war and unable to go to Nuremberg."

At that point, Trump will have served the right wing in several important ways:

1. He's normalized the horrible. Future candidates will know they can say anything at all and still get 40-45% of the vote. Anybody 10% better will be treated like they are Abraham Lincoln.

2. They can blame it all on Trump - which absolves themselves.

3. Future GOP candidates can go back to dog-whistle racism and the media will gush: "isn't it wonderful how Presidential Marco Rubio is compared with that vulgar Donald Trump? Why he's just like Reagan giving that speech in Philadelphia MS! It's clearly time for a GOP President. The party has grown up." Repeat 10,000 on CNN & MSNBC.

Jimbo said...

Ron Fournier, self-designated seer of the resentful white working class and old conservatives knows these people are kindly, good country people but are so unhappy that the Black Muslim President has ruined their country. Guy is so utterly, patronizingly clueless but I guess that's why the Beltway Media Moguls like him. Sad!

RUKidding said...

Wow. I am both super depressed and, in a disgusting way, sorta kinda impressed. The Sad Carny KKKlown somehow manages to make it not the fault of GOP voters, whom Fournier and his ilk have fluffed and propagandized to maximum volume of xenophobic, sexist, bigoted, racist, hateful, nasty, homophobic, angry mob behavior. Goading and goading to hate hate HATE the awful dirty hippies, all minorities, women, Muslims, all "others" who've just destroyed their precious perfect white supremacist lives by ramming our terrible political correctness down their hapless throats.

Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with Fournier, his ilk, Hate Radio, Fox, "Christian" Broadcasting and all the rest of it, either, but that goes without saying.

Nay verily, that tribe is verily a wonderment of intelligence, truth, light, justice, mom, apple pie, baseball, and lovingly kind fearless patriotic wonderfulness.

But because they are so "desparate for change" from the horrors of the divisive Kenyan Usurper MaxistSochialist Muslim in THEIR White House, they willingly chase after a clearly obvious psychopathic sociopath spouting nothing but racist, bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, crazed hate speech 24/7/365. Even Fournier agrees that Trump should not be running for President & is not worthy of the office.

Yeah, yeah... those voters are so effen SMART and not bullies or insecure at all. It's all divisive darkie Obama's fault... and also all you politically correct LIEbruls, too. It's the Liberals who "made" the GOP rubes vote for & continue to support Trump.

Classic Republican Detachment Disorder combined with the usual lack of any personal responsibility from the Party of so-called family values and personal responsibility.

Go F*ck yourself Fournier.

chautauqua said...

Looks like the pile of uniforms for burning is starting to stack up. Wonder what the new incarnation of the Gawd Offal Party will look like. Sailor Moon outfits, maybe?

Chan Kobun said...

@ chautauqua,

Don't even joke about that. IF the GOPpers ruin the series that saved my life, I'll hold you personally responsible.

Unknown said...

Trump is going to lose. The super-money (Koch, et al) has pulled back. The neo-cons are backing HRC but only insofar as they inimically understand that SPW is correct - nuclear war is bad for biz. Conventional warfare pulls the highest dollars and ratings.
They get four more years of center-right foreign policy with HRC (they truly don't care about the social stuff) and while it's not what they really want it will be sanely close enough to tide them over. The minute after this election is done they'll figure out which "populist" astro-turf they're gonna seed & grow -this- time to get what they really REALLY want. Post-Shrub? Tea Party. This time? Remains to be seen. But it'll have a dumb name, that's for sure. 2020 is already on their horizon.
Seriously. Watch for it. I'd bet my onion-belt against against a bumblebee nickel on it.

Cheers - lifeat45rpm

jim said...

Note that no-one in the McMedia includes what Trump said next: "That will be a horrible day."

So saving the 2nd Amendment from Clinton with votes will be a horrible day?

The Bullshitter's Dilemma: you always need a bigger shovel.

Unknown said...

On the bright side, Ron [nickname omitted] Fournier's previous piece for the Atlantic was an announcement that he's moving to Detroit to become the editor of some local business journal or something, and he would only occasionally contribute pieces to the Atlantic once that begins. So we may not have Ron's oddly repetitive GOP-fluffing bullshit to kick around much longer.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

"but they are so desperate for change that they’re willing to roll the dice."

Let me get this straight. Trump-voters looked at the Red Skull***...

...the (occasionally) Nazi-garbed supervillain with a red skull for a head, and thought, "Hey, ya never know"? So, gambling addicts, then.

Be seeing you.

***Orange Skull for Trump?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sure Ron, the Trumpenproletariat is desparate for change! This used to be a White Man's Country! Now all sorts of other is inside and allowed to run things! Conservatives chucked their so-called values and beliefs as soon as Trump came out eschewed the dog-whistles and offered them a plate of Unvarnish Bigotry. Now, eventhough Trump is in bed with Putin as well as his daughter they will give him their heart and soul freely. What a country!

Robt said...

Curious how the Clown of Centrism reconciles the abandoning ship of extreme right wingers fleeing the ship with the rats and not just saying they will not vote Trump nor HRC. But now coming out that they will in fact vote HRC.

REpublican dictionary *Rove edition) States,

Centrism= When Democrats, liberals and progressives succumb to the Conservatives power.