Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Party By The River

You were sent a Center/Right, Southern, Christian white guy with a 200 I.Q. who could quote the Bible from memory and who gave you 70% of everything you asked for,.

And you spent six years working tirelessly to destroy him.

At the your darkest hour -- at the nadir of the foreign and domestic disasters you created -- you were sent you the calmest, most rational President in modern memory, who offered you unlimited opportunities for genuine cooperation and collaboration over and over again,

And from the first day of his administration you lied and slandered him, turned your racist mob on him and plotted how best to cripple and ruin him behind closed doors.  No traitor was too off-the-grid to be denied a seat on Fox News.  No failure was too comprehensive to keep you from staging another round of useless show trials and empty gestures.

As a final gesture of goodwill, you were sent the chance to step up and appoint a well-qualified, universally respected, straight-down-the-middle jurist to replace the late and unlamented Antonin Scalia.

Instead told told the President of the United States to pound sand.  That once again you would rather abdicate the most basic function of self government and leave the seat vacant for a year so that this guy could fill it.

And now you stand in the middle of the wasteland you created and demand to know why no one saved you?


Just, wow.


bowtiejack said...

Excellent. Just excellent! Suitable for framing.

And I agree with your previous observation that this election will give us a head count of how many of our fellow "citizens" are in fact batshit insane incompetents.

Jimbo said...

Traditionally, at least in 2008 and 2012, it was 27% hard core haters and lunatics. This year, how far in the 30th percentile the Orange Raver gets will be interesting to see. Aside from his behavior, a lot will depend up on how improved HRC's image gets and, for that, she will really need her surrogates out there a lot.

Anonymous said...

All those years ago, the dark ages it seemed then, I immersed myself in the West Wing World, for the real world seemed way too...dark, I guess. I often wondered what we could do with a guy like President Bartlett at the helm. Now, we've had 7+ years of something that could have been similar, could have been. Not like President Obama didn't try. Thanks for the great post, and thanks for reminding me of one of my all time favorite TV shows.