Wednesday, August 03, 2016

For Those Who Follow Such Things

You should be aware that Mr. David Brooks has been huddled under his kitchen table for a week, weeping inconsolably, with only a very large bottle of what he calls "My good friend and fellow Reinhold Niebuhr scholar, Mr. Tequila" for company.

Sad, really.

And due to this latest, blackout chapter in his indefinite hiatus from reality, rumor has it that Mr. Brooks' "writing" has been outsourced to an "intern" he picked up at a bar adjacent to the Columbia University School of the Arts where Mr. Brooks was spending the evening in the company of "My dear friend and fellow Edmund Burke enthusiast, Mr. Whiskey". 

Rumor also has it that the only editorial directions the "intern" could discern were "Art...n'stuff. An' Freddy Douglass! Love that guy! Or...Oliver Wendell Douglas? Hehehe! Shit. Look it up. But no p'litics! Mmm sicka p'litics."

Since I am taking an indefinite hiatus from 11.5 years of weekly Brooksological presentations, I leave it  to Mr. Charlie Pierce to tell the tale:
What the Hell Is David Brooks Talking About?
A recurring feature.
Also Yastreblyansky is always worth a visit:
Brooks tackles Frederick Douglass, Supermodel
As for me, well the very least I can do is provide a sound track.

And never let it be said that I do not do the very least I can do.


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good grief, now you've got ME doing this...

So, to reference myself from days of yore, this is a "gas column" from Mr. Brooks...

Vague problem, vague solution.

Be seeing you.

RUKidding said...

Yowza! Thanks for link to Pierce's smack down, which includes the ever-fabulous Soul Train ad of Frederick Douglass shilling for Afro Sheen! Comedy Gold.

Must say, can't be bothered to learn anything more about DFB's scrawlings. Who cares? Annoying that he's paid so much for doing sweet FA.

dinthebeast said...

On Berkeley Breathed's Facebook page, where Bloom County can now be found, he made a note to a strip he drew two or three days ago which if I remember it correctly read "Milo's been reading David Brooks again, and that never ends well."

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

Yastreblyansky pretty well destroys Brooks in piece you linked in the most erudite fashion, of course.