Monday, July 25, 2016

Vlad the Inveigler

On one side of the Left blogosphere, it is at least worth mentioning that Vladinear Pootnum does, in fact, have a dog in our electoral fight.  From Digby, whose absence was keenly felt at this year's Netroots Nation:
The Don loves Vlad
One the other side of the Left blogosphere, it is not only unthinkable that "The DNC is a hot partisan mess" and "Edward Snowden's landlord/employer/overseer is meddling with our elections" might very well both be true statements, it is unalloyed McCarthyism to even suggest such a thing.  

So glad this is all above my pay-grade.


trgahan said...

It is sssssooooo hard to take the other side of the blogosphere seriously since they are so morally relativistic about their moral absolutism.

Jimbo said...

Maybe not in your pay grade to do anything about this mess but well within your ken for sure. Josh Marshall who broke the story (AFAIK) and Yastrablyansky have got this well-covered. In short, the Giant Toddler is in a Yuuuge amount of trouble.

bluicebank said...

I'm about done with trying to reason (using facts and deductive logic, ok maybe inductive logic, too) with worried Liberals who a-fear the Trumpening coming down the pike this November.

They say that the ardent Bernie peeps are going to assist in the Apocalypse. When I point out that even more Hilz people in 2008 said they would go McCain, but didn't, they say those 2008 polls are all lies. Yeah, so Hillary today seems like a magnet for email fubars, but in 2008 Barack Obama was a BLACK MAN. Still is. Which a lot of white folks thinks is way worst than using the wrong server, or Debbie being a bad sysadmin and over-eager minion.

But look, the Short Fingered Vulgarian has a lot more and bigger dents in his clown car than Hilz. Hire me to write up the attack ads. Goddamn commie loving, Putin-smooching, daughter raping, grifting son-of-a-so-and-so. You get the idea. He ain't winning in November.

Chan Kobun said...

Someone ought to tell Glennie Pie that McCarthy was against Communism, not Russian-ism, and that the folks in charge in Russia now are far-right fascist oligarchs.

Of course, his lifestyle hinges on him not understanding that, so you'd be better off telling it to the wind.

Lit3Bolt said...

I eagerly wait to moral scolding Vladimir Putin will get from Glenn Greenwald for bombing Middle Eastern countries.

Oh wait, he kills journalists too? Never mind...

dinthebeast said...

I don't think Putin gives much of a rat's ass about Trump. He does, however, have a massive grudge against Hillary, who he blamed for the huge protests against him running for a third term, and doesn't tend to let things of that nature go easily.
Anyway, I saw this interview with Al Franken on MSNBC tonight, and thought, "Damn, Driftglass could have said that."

-Doug in Oakland

MedicineMan55 said...

Does anyone have any advise on how to handle left-leaning political blogs right now? All of the usual places on my blogroll make me want to punch myself at the moment. So many posts are about how the sky is falling and those that aren't about the heat death of the universe are totebaggerism. The few remaining that aren't about our impending political demise or the "corrupt duopoly" are either circular fire-squad musters or trolls trying to incite all of the above. I want to teargas the comment sections of so many blogs right now it isn't even funny. Fucking Redstate has their shit together better than half the Left and those guys are terrible.

I'm tempted to cope by drinking liberally, but it isn't even August yet. I may hurt myself before November rolls around.

Robt said...

Donald von Clown Vulgarian is hilariously great.

His affection for Putin, Kim jong un ill the 3rd and other noted flashy dictators Is a 2 alarm dumpster fire.

His real Amurikin voting base have the gag ball stuck in their superior moral mouths.

Donald von cheese stick Tells us he will spend a whole lot of money. He will go to war in the Middle East. Start a trade war with countries. Will make Government Huuge and intrusive. Constitution sowhat-a-tution and goodbye Tea parties. I mean his wife in full foreign accent tells the self proclaimed patriots. (in heavy accent) "you must work hard, my foreign parents taught the morals and work ethics that you Americans have no idea of. How she worked so hard and diligently to look pretty enough to marry a wealthy man.
Why doesn't all those conservatives looking to Von Cheesestick to create a job through big Government that they hate so much, take Malania's conservative family value advice and go out and marry a rich man?

Yet Bernie Sanders has a grip on reality. He came close and farther than any other independent democratic socialist ever has for president. There is only accomplishment for him and all who supported him. Like myself.
When Hillary lost the primary to Obama, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Always regrets when losing. Sanders and his support has made an impressive gain in the present and for the future. Because as Bernie called it, "a movement". MLK said himself, that he may not make it but others will (Para).

When I caught Sarah Silverman saying, "you're being ridiculous" to the Bernie or bust folks. Feeling betrayed by Bernie for not getting enough delegates . How betrayed by JFK I must feel for him getting shot after all my support.

To be sure, I lived through Reagan and GW/Cheney terms and survived. It was devastating wrapped in wrought.. I would rather move on and not re enact all my survival skills I employed the fascist and dictatorial era GW Bush introduced.
Bernie lost the primary, long live the movement.................!

A wise flutist once said, "Thick as a brick"
so hearing and vision impaired, they can merely mimic as a parrot copies the noise an ape makes.

SamB said...

Emphasizing Jimbo's comment, Trump's business is in hock to Russian oligarchs. The financial connection is way more direct than anything about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Lit3Bolt said...

Title for your next Ron Fournier post: I Came, I Saw, I Said Both Sides Do It But Dems Are Somehow, Magically, Impossibly, Worse

bowtiejack said...

RE: Trump Russian Connection

Excuse me, this whole thing is getting just a little bit too much like the original of The Manchurian Candidate.
[Angela Lansbury]:
". . . rallying a nation of television viewers to hysteria, to sweep us up into the White House with powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy! "

Naw, that was just a movie. Right? Right?

Deport 11 million people?
Build a coast-to-coast wall on the southern border?
Ban 1.5 billion Muslims from entering the US?

Dave McCarthy said...

Reading some related articles, and Manafort's lucrative work for Jonas Savimbi is interesting reading indeed, especially for fans of purposely prolonging civil wars for fun and profit.

But then this jumped out, in a Politico article related to PM's very questionable dealings with everyone's sweetheart, Ferdinand Marcos.

"Even as the State Department reported to the White House that Marcos’s allies had been responsible for widespread fraud, Marcos and his allies with help from Manafort’s firm worked to perpetuate the idea that there was fraud on both sides, but that Marcos had prevailed, according to interviews with U.S. diplomats. That was the White House’s line initially, even as international support increasingly mounted behind Aquino."

Ha! That both sides dollars has ALWAYS been a good dollar!

bluicebank said...

@ Robt

Epic. lolz and almost spit up precious bodily fluids.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

I wonder about the security of the computerized vote counting? No one takes my concerns seriously. Is it literally impossible to change the vote counting? Do not the political consultants do anything to win? Is the storyline of this election about one group of IT professionals versus another of the same? Do we have to wait till Diem (er, sorry, I meant to say Trump) wins with 99% of the vote?