Thursday, July 21, 2016

Into Each Convention A Little Ailes Must Fall


And thus the Gods of Irony decreed that, in addition to every other act of hilarious Conservative bed-shittery that has blown the tires off of the 2016 RNC, the professional carcass of noted sexual predator and King of the Wingnut Hate Machine, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen  Roger Ailes will now be dropped into the middle of Donald Trump's Big Night.

Turns out, Trump was wrong about one more thing.

I'm not getting tired of all this winning.

Not even a little.


RUKidding said...

"Ailes will stay on with the company as a consultant while collecting a reported $60 million golden parachute."

Well it's a lot like the golden heave-ho Carly Fiorina got when shit-canned after shitting all over formerly great company HP. I dunno. It's not like shitheads like Ailes ever really really pay the price, albeit I'm sure it burns bad to lose his big old position of power. Hope his "after life" is much like Fiorina's where no one permits Ailes to have a position of power again.

And duly note that sly bastard Rupert ain't turning over domination of Fox to sonny boys James and Lachlan - whom some mistakenly believe are "more liberal." Not so really but even at 85 Murdoch learned something from watching King Lear and refuses to pass the keys to his kingdom to his sons, who are allegedly itching to run the big show.

Maybe Jerry Hall can spend her free time on chartible good works or hanging out more with Euro Trash at resorts or something, as her darling hubby looks to be busy for the time being. No doubt Hall is heaving a sigh a relief! Gimme some cash and I'll see ya later, Rupie darling. Kisses!

bowtiejack said...

Not to get anybody's hopes up, but there's an interesting dynamic abroad in the land of late.
Once the first kid notes the emperor has no clothes and tosses a stone, the facade cracks.
That emboldens others, and an avalanche follows quicker than anyone would previously have imagined (or dared hope).
Thus for Cosby, now for Ailes.

And perhaps soon for Trump?

Lawrence said...

Roger will need the money for the lawsuits, which are turning into a Cosby Cascade. And surely the money is tied to an NDA that operates like a, ah... Gom Jabbar to go with the the theme.

bowtiejack said...

". . . a reported $60 million golden parachute."

Ailes will have to pay for sex from now on and that apparently is what it will take.

El Profe said...

I am just laughing my ass off at the Dune reference.

Brilliant, Driftglass. Brilliant.

bowtiejack said...

Not that anybody asked, but my sense is that Donald Trump Jr. is auditioning for the part of Feyd-Rautha.

He is the embodiment of the term "entitled little shit".
For those who do not know, in a recent interview he opined that there really may be something to this whole horse breeding thing because he got his father's genes (the genius!) and his mother's genes (you remember, the "Olympic champion skier"?) so he's just good at everything.
May he have all the success of Feyd!
On the other hand, it raises the question of whether there's a genetic link to the whole Trump narcissistic derangement syndrome thing.
Oh yeah, Ivanka ("If she weren't my daughter, I'd boink her") Trump just got sued for design theft.

They are classy, classy people.

keith gargus said...

Fox clarified that Ailes will only consult for the transition. So that fig leaf is gone.

trgahan said...

For a right wing propaganda machine that has routinely succeeded in turning the public square conservation of any accusation of sexual misconduct/spousal abuse (ex. Bill O'Reilly) back on the accuser to the point it forces all other news outlets to either follow suit or drop the story, Carlson must have walked out with some significantly damaging evidence against Roger (maybe the network as a whole) for Murdock to break with him so completely so quickly.

One of the problems with the right wing infotainment bubble is the people running it start thinking its reality and act according.

Tom Shefchik said...

Perhaps they were quick to dump him because Ailes was screwing (pun) other things up in-house as well? Old-timers disease?

Driftglass, your art work is superb.

jim said...

Whoa,dude ... Wingnut High Epopt Overlord Roger von Ailes got shitcanned?


Accessory to war crimes?
Inciting terrorism against Americans?

Workplace sexual harassment.

Eh, Capone went down over taxes, so I'll take it.


Robt said...

To provide a non biased acknowledgment of Fox media's gooey inner corporate world.

To reflect the news report of Ailes getting the golden retrievers screw the pooch parachute.

To provide adult comprehension of this.

Can you please pan the camera away for a moment?