Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bernie In Heaven

Bernie: These people.  I love 'em, you know.  They have good hearts and they worked so hard.  But the minute I told them some hard truths they didn't want to hear --
"Any objective observer will conclude that -- based on her ideas and her leadership -- Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States," Sanders told delegates, spurring a cascade of cheers.

He spent the following morning meeting with individual state delegations to carry his message forward and continuing to counter resistance toward Clinton. Sanders chastened California delegates who booed his call for party unity Tuesday.

"Our job is to do two things -- to defeat Donald Trump and to elect Hillary Clinton," Sanders said, adding later, "It is easy to boo, but it is harder to look your kids in the face if we are living under a Trump presidency."
-- a bunch of them basically kicked me out of a movement that they had named after me.

Jesus:  Tell me about it.


Robt said...

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.........!

Simle analogy;

You get a flat tire. So you go to change it and find you have a tail light out.

Do you;

A) replace with the spare tire?

B) drive on the flat to get the tail light replaced?

C)Blame Obama?

D) Pray Trump can help?

E) Leave the car because it is not what you wanted to deal with?

F) Put the spare on and get to somewhere you can have the tire plugged and the tail light fixed?

Choices in life are not always designed to fit our every desire and the difficulty to get the best information to make those choices is more challenging to acquire.

trgahan said...

I'd like to hear from the Bernie Deadenders what their position is on all the contests down ticket on their local ballot. I still don't understand how electing one "pure candidate" to just one office (even if its the U.S. Presidency) is going to change ANYTHING.

The same people who are voting Trump believe Sander's is the love child of Chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin. Just like Obama (AHH! he's black!) and, soon to be, Hillary (AHHH! A Girl!), these mouthbreathers will justify anything their elected officials (still the majority in just about every state and federal legislative branches) do in the name of stopping "socialism!"

Green Eagle said...

Good punch line.

Mentis Fugit said...

But what's the fanatic:ratfucker ratio?

Jimbo said...

Bada-Boom! Gotta hurt for the Bernie Bros.

Yastreblyansky said...

The very best and most redemptive jokes bring tears to the eyes. This was one.

squatlo said...

Brilliant analogy. Love this one!

The Kraken said...

Meanwhile, we grizzled liberals will try and sweep up the pieces to cobble together a plurality. The dirty work is hard and no one appreciates it. Keep 'em coming DG, it's not in vain.