Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trey Saudi

Because wingnuts are congenitally incapable of admitting error, each time another one of their ridiculous lies blows up in their face, rather than providing them with a valuable lesson about not going through life as a brick-stupid chump, it only serves to "prove" that the Very Big Conspiracy To Which Only They Are Privy must go even deeper than even they had originally suspected. 

And so this week, as Benghaaaazi -- the last, great Kenyan Usurper conspiracy to which so many idiots pledged to their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Twitter accounts -- finally gave up the ghost, the Pig People did what the Pig People always do.

From the WaPo:
Benghazi conspiracy theorists turn on Trey Gowdy
Yes indeed. The Day of the Chicken Farmer has come to the Right yet again:
The main Islamist group in Algeria, the GIA, ended up being led by a Mr. Zouabri, a chicken farmer, who killed everyone who disagreed with him. He issued a final communiqué, declaring that the whole of Algerian society should be killed, with the exception of his tiny remaining band of Islamists. They were the only ones who understood the truth.
Back to the WaPo:
A day after the House Benghazi committee released a final report that left Hillary Clinton relatively unscathed, conservative activists — the conspiracy-minded ones who pressured House leaders to appoint the committee in the first place — rounded on Chairman Trey Gowdy for failing to deliver the goods.

“To say I was disappointed would be an understatement,” retired Adm. James “Ace” Lyons complained at a meeting Wednesday afternoon of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, a coalition of far-right ­foreign- policy types. “Chairman Gowdy is not a stenographer. . . . He was there to make findings and conclusions. He had the information. He copped out, which is consistent that we’ve seen with all our congressional leadership.”

Retired Gen. Thomas McInerney agreed that “the American people want to know from a group that spent almost two years on it what the conclusions are. That’s what we pay you for, Mr. Gowdy.”
They determined that the Obama administration “switched sides in what was then called the Global War on Terror” and “benefited this country’s worst enemies.” They wrote that Clinton herself blocked U.S. military forces from attempting a rescue mission, and they attributed the decision to oust Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi in part to financial interests of the Clinton Foundation.
They judged that Obama — one speaker referred to him as “Barack Hussein Soetero Obama” — had “an ideological commitment” to expanding the Muslim Brotherhood. They even gave longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal credit for the administration’s “support for the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood-led al Qaeda militias.” In one elaborate theory, they tied those guarding the U.S. facilities in Benghazi both to Blumenthal and to the wife of a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
Gowdy “notably refrained from assigning blame or demanding accountability,” Clare Lopez, of the Center for Security Policy and an adviser to the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, told the gathering. “He also did not draw a connection between the dots.”

“I think he had his reasons — political,” McInerney said. He speculated that congressional leadership had approved “black operations” to run weapons from Benghazi to Islamic State forces in Syria. “That’s the dirty little secret that nobody wants out,” he said.
After decades of manufacturing wilder and more complex delusions to explain away one humiliating failure after another, all that is left on the Right are the intractably stupid, the hard core crazy and those whose fortunes depend on exploiting the intractably stupid and the hard core crazy.


Cinesias said...

Benghazi today, Benghazi tomorrow, Benghazi forever.

Jimbo said...

I know I am wasting my typing but it is Soetoro not Soetero and he is the father of BHO's sister Maya not Barack. Sigh. You're right: the party is just a giant bag of paranoid rocks (if rocks could be paranoid) led by a bunch of cynical sociopaths.

bowtiejack said...

". . . the intractably stupid, the hard core crazy and those whose fortunes depend on exploiting the intractably stupid and the hard core crazy."

We spend a LOT of money on our imperial military. So nice to know that the above group includes Army and Navy flag officers. We're definitely getting our money's worth.

trgahan said...

Per DF's central thesis, the real problem is that "a coalition of far-right ­foreign- policy types" got all the space it needed in the Washington Post to outline their hyper-ignorant, racist, conspiracy theory. If only liberals were granted such space.

Otherwise, just more proof that ideology can be so blinding that what were maybe once capable military leaders, well if you want people to know your nickname is "Ace" after age 23 I may be wrong, have utterly pissed away a lifetime of experience and learning because of their hatred of liberals and blah people.

RUKidding said...

Despite the fact that in part it led to Mitt RMoney losing, I still see lots of rightwing propagand emails & posts whining about the 47% who don't pay Fed Taxes, and how it's so unfair that they get to vote. Of course, what's not mentioned is that certainly some percentage of the exact same 47% consistently vote GOP, but let's not trifle with petty details.

That said, I'm sick and tired of the GOP - whether in the 47% or the 53% - consistently being happy with wasting millions upon millions upon millions of fed tax dollar$ on endless expensive "investigations" into the damn Clintons, into the stupid IRS - whom the GOP is all butthurt about because allegedly (not really) the IRS "unfairly" investigated rightwing 501 (c) (3)s - and so forth. The appalling and senseless and total waste of billions encouraged and endorsed by these idiotic lunatics is just galling.

Want some roads or bridges fixed?? Not on your life, pal. It's much more important to toss shit at the lunatics, who'll happily rub it in their hair and then beg for more.

RUKidding said...

PS to Jimbo - yeah, waste of time. We know who Mr. Soetoro is, but it's just more grist for the idiot mill no matter how his name is spelled or, more likely, mis-spelled.

RUKidding said...

And finally, apparently Ambassador Stevens' sister has respectfully requested that the GOP STFU about Benghazi. But when has the GOP ever respected the wishes of close family members - like Terry Schaivo's husband - when they're on a witch hunt? Don't hold your breath. The answer is: Never! Not if the GOP can gin up their rabid base with more specious bullshit. Yeah, that's your "family values" Republican party in action.

Lawrence said...

I shouted out "Who blew it on Benghazi?" But after all, it was you and me.

crweaver said...

To the Benghazi committee, I say: Oh well, better luck next time!

TCinLA said...

I see General Jack d. Ripper has some fellow military soul mates on this committee. But are they worried about HRC's assault on our precious bodily fluids?