Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ron Fourier, The Sad Clown of Centrism

...discovers the Deny, Deny, Deny button on his keyboard:

Only in the Land of Punditry is one's long and public record of doing a despicable thing considered inadmissible as evidence that one is prone to doing that despicable thing.


John said...

Oh, and "pragma" (πρᾶγμα)does not mean love of any sort. Maybe in some modern intellectual framework it does. But not in ancient Greek. It means somthing like "deed" or "act" in ancient Greek.

Jimbo said...

Yes, as John said, it is from prassein/prattein meaning to do, act or perform where pragma is presumably the noun form and is related to praxis, practical, pragmatic, etc.

Unknown said...

Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier has become highly skilled in Twitter deflection. "Who me?" he asks. He basically thinks that as long as his columns and statements don't literally say "In this passage I am drawing a false equivalence between routine Democratic bumbling and unprecedented, unhinged, dangerous, borderline-treasonous GOP extremism and obstructionism", he can't possibly be accused of implying it.

Just like how the right-wingers on SCOTUS think there can only be political bribery if a big sack with dollar signs on it changes hands in exchange for explicit promises of favors.