Thursday, June 09, 2016

To Save The Republican Party, Jennifer Rubin Demands The Ideological Self-Deportation Of The Entire Republican Party

The Republican Party has been an open sewer of lunatics, racists and treasonous running dogs for year.

But only recently has this fact begun to irritate the yappiest neoconservative troll in Fred Hiatt's Bush Regime Dead-Ender Safe House.  So, in typical Jennifer Rubin fashion, Ms. Rubin has elevated her hero Mitt Romney's asinine "self-deportation" idea to new, and ideologically-unheard-of heights.  In order to spare her further embarrassment, the entire Republican Party must immediately repudiate the entire Republican Party.


From the WaPo:
No matter how many Republicans denounce Trump, the racism charge sticks

By Jennifer Rubin June 9 at 9:00 AM

Republicans may protest and condemn Trump’s comments all they like, but for every denunciation, a Republican surrogate offers up some contorted defense. And Republicans keep Trump as their nominee. Trump’s racist and misogynistic rhetoric makes him toxic to women and minorities, and it risks tarring the party for years.


In short, a bad rap (Republicans’ opposition to the liberal agenda makes them racists) has been turned into an accurate, deadly analysis. (Too many Republicans harbor bigoted views of minorities and/or do not recognize racism when it’s in front of them.) Not all Republicans can be labeled as such, but far too many. The solution only comes with repudiation of Trump, success of diverse candidates and an empathetic agenda that demonstrates Republicans care about all Americans, not just rich, white males.

It is that problem that now hangs over the GOP. It’s why the GOP is likely to lose the presidential race and perhaps one or more houses of Congress. It is why many will conclude it is better to scrap the party and start anew. Ironically, they may have to kill off the party of Lincoln to save the spirit of Lincoln.
It was never a "bad rap", Ms. Rubin.  It was just another one of those inconvenient truth about your party that you and so many others have profited so handsomely from lying about, over and over and over again.

Also, it continues to be a source of cheap and bitter amusement to me that professional Beltway toads like Ms. Rubin continue making a living by eventually being forces grudgingly around to poaching their analysis and metaphors --
Ironically, they may have to kill off the party of Lincoln to save the spirit of Lincoln.
-- from from their betters long after their betters have seen right past their scrim of bullshit and defection to the ugly truth that they are trying so desperately to hide (from me in January in a post about Republican Detachment Disorder sufferer, David Frum):
Now that Donald Barnum Trump, Failgunner Ted Cruz and the caravan of benighted shoutycracker GOP candidate wannabes that follow them around have removed any lingering doubt that nothing short of the Bến Tre Option --
'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it'
-- will ever "fix" what is actually wrong with the GOP,..


DrBB said...

I'm just slightly flummoxed by the fact that she used the phrase "Party of Lincoln" and didn't instantly burst into flames. This is becoming a serious test of my faith in divine wisdom.

banker puppy said...

JRube's "spirit of Lincoln" sounds an awful lot like The Mustache's "principled conservatism." She's longing for a GOP of yesteryear that exists only in her mind.

Jeebus H. Christ on an English muffin with a hollandaise drizzle, I wish they'd all go find a therapist who gives group rates.

proverbialleadballoon said...

Jennifer Rubin (mostly) told the truth, hmm.. does not compute.

Meanwhile, President Obama endorsed Clinton today. Clinton tweeted it, Trump tried a jab, and Clinton landed a solid overhand twitter right.

wibble said...

@banker puppy

...there isn't a therapist worth their salt anywhere on the American Continents or Northern Hemisphere that would touch that ball of raging hair with a 20-foot long spear.

Unknown said...

This Trump fiasco has exposed what is perhaps the largest lie of all the lies that the lying liars have offered up for the last 50 years.

It is the lie that the Republicans did not, absolutely NOT, use racism to turn the south Republican.

And now for all to see: The Emperor Has No Clothes".

Ironically, we can thank Trumpenstein for this completely unplanned for and unprecedented event of explicitly demonstrating how racism and the Republican Party are related.

Even better, I don't thing Trump is anywhere near being done with wrecking up the GOP. We still have Cleveland...

dinthebeast said...

" The solution only comes with repudiation of Trump, success of diverse candidates and an empathetic agenda that demonstrates Republicans care about all Americans, not just rich, white males."

In other words, more LYING about who and what the Republican party are really made of...

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

We've endured decades of obvious (and documented) Southern Strategy blasted loud and clear on Hate Radio, Fox, the rightwing media wurlitzer, and JRube feels that the GOP/rightwing got a "bad rap" for that? Gimme a break.

JRube & her ilk all write from the same playbook. Not only is it nearly always Both Sides! But it's also usually And the terrible lib'ruls are worse!

I get it that's the playbook that they're clearly paid handsomely to scribble from.

My question: have these hacks gotten to the point where they actually believe the lying shite they're scrawling? Is that what it takes to keep up appearances? Pretend, lie, pretend, lie until you believe it?

Sadly, if Trump takes any kind of lead, I expect JLo to join the queue of those who strapped on knee pads to kiss Trump's heiney. If Trump goes down in flames, shills like JLo will immediately shriek about how Hillary is worse.

I'd really be shocked if this turns into a Come to Jesus moment. I just don't see hacks like JLo having enough self-introspection, not to mention self-worth, to really change. Plus who'd pay her if she starts really telling the truth?

banker puppy said...


OK, maybe not a licensed therapist. But I found a guy in Philly that is quite popular and knows how to make people laugh. And you can get a discount with a group of 25 or more.
[insert photo of the Phanatical Philly here]

trgahan said...

" risks tarring the party for years."

Dear Ms. Rubin,

In that brief day or two after 2008 and 2012 elections, actual political analysts were allowed to flood the "liberal" media and spend HOURS talking about what Republicans needed to do to back into power (funny, they never talked about what Democrats needed to maintain it..but I digress). They laid out how Republicans lost and what they needed to do to reverse response Republicans doubled down on the very things that lost them those elections.

Your party started 2016 with 16 presidential primary candidates. All of whom were DOA against an unspecified Democratic candidate, much less against a seasoned politician with a massive machine. Your party just ended up with the worst one candidate imagine wise as no McCain or Romney got through the Pig People.

In short, your party has been fucked on a national level for 16 years now and if it wasn't for all the gerrymandering and voter suppression since Democrats dropped the ball in 2010, your party right now would relegated to a few former Confederate State Houses screaming about "Federal Oppression" while cashing all the checks coming out of DC.

Trump is an end, not a beginning.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also notable: Senator Professor Warren's speech at the ACS really laid the heavy wood to Trump and tied him inextricably with McConnell and Ryan. It was GLORIOUS....

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

But what I am finding the most amusing, is watching my Republican friends in real time continually refocus their consciousness in a way that allows them to rationalize their eventual vote for Trump...

John Warne said...

People really ought to follow the WaPo link. She got buried in the comments.

Robt said...

Jennifer Rubin and her GOP overlords see profit in war with Iran.
Jennifer will probably pay zero taxes to fund such military prowess. She will not want to pay for Veterans returning with missing limbs. She does not want to pay for diplomacy when she can invest in the military industrial complex. Who Tom Tehran Cotton has given many speeches to of late.
She will not serve and fight herself.
She thinks America should go around and nation build?
But she doesn't want to build America.

This treasonous petition irks me to the limits. I am almost stuttering mad as I type.
So I should stop here. For now.

John Taylor said...

If the GOP gets rid of the religious zealots, warmongers and racists, will there be anyone left to turn off the lights?