Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Wretch-a-Sketch

The last refuge of the Party of Jefferson Davis dead-enders is to act as as though Trump The Racist was somehow just part of a carefully laid, rope-a-dope strategy that Trump worked out in advance with the leading lights of the GOP.  Like Mikey telling Rocky to switch back Southpaw in the 15th round:

See, the modern GOP has always run elections with a two-step strategy: racist-tainted red meat to whip up the meatheads (See: "St. Ronald Reagan's visit to beautiful downtown Philadelphia, Mississippi." See also: "Willie Horton") for the primaries and then rely on the compliant Beltway media to bulldoze it all down the Memory Hole once the general election begins. 

Except while everyone inside the Beltway knows perfectly well how it's done, this tired little gavotte only works when executed quietly, with a wink and a nod.  The protocols and niceties must be obeyed and I am not a courtesan! And last time out of the gate, one of the screw ups that doomed the Romney campaign was the arrogance of his senior campaign adviser blurting out the details of their quadrennial scam to John Fugelsang on camera:

But this time it's oh so much worse.

This time the GOP hasn't nominated some pre-programmed plutocrat module who agreed to play dress-up wingnut populist during the primaries in order to keep the meatheads fired up.  This time the GOP has nominated a real-live, ignorant, thin-skinned, conspiracy-mongering racist lout who does not know that racism is supposed to be just another tactic which you shut down once you have the Pig People in your back pocket.

This time they have nominated a gen-u-wine, George Bernard Shaw barbarian:
[H]e is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.
An actual Crazy Uncle Liberty.  And since Crazy Uncle Liberty does not know or care about shutting the fuck up and playing their game (after all, he won damn it), the GOP Brain Caste is reduced to trying to publicly housebreak the raving asshole who now leads their party, which means there is no time for winks or nods anymore.  

Now they're running around, hair on fire, shrieking into any microphone they can find to "Pivot!  Pivot!  Oh for fuck's sake and the love of Conservative Jebus, would you please pivot so we can get back to yapping about about Bengahaaazi and how Liberals are the real bigots!"

And as a measure of just how much further the Party of Jefferson Davis has sunk in just the last four years, compared the flagrancy with which members of the Conservative Brain Caste are currently begging someone -- anyone! -- to hand them the tiniest fig-leaf so they can cover up their Mad Emperor's naked racism, Eric Fehrnstrom's blabbing about Etch-a-Sketches now looks like a model of 12 dimensional finesse and discretion.


bowtiejack said...

Man, you're on fire lately!
This is the best analysis I have read of the real situation and so far above the Beltway Babble, we must be very sad that you're stuck out there on the prairies.
But I read something the other day to the effect that the Internet is going to have a greater effect on popular consciousness than printing did to the 15th Century. Be patient. You're doing God's work (and it doesn't involve screwing anyone out of their homes).

Unknown said...

The thing about the pivot strategy that Trump can lord above the Conservative Brain Caste is that it's not very effective. In the last six presidential elections the GOP candidate has won the popular vote only once. Trump, being Trump, has no reason to adhere to it. Quite the opposite.

Unknown said...

Meanwhile the media will vilify Clinton and treat Trump as if he's a normal candidate. Then they can promote an even contest because both sides.

trgahan said...

The Brain Caste and Beltway Media also doesn't want to have to go upstairs to the corner office and tell their bosses that:

A) They have utterly lost control of the Pig People. Ever since Kristol (irony) pushed Palin onto the national stage the Pig People are convinced they can have their Crazy Uncle Liberty candidate. The media's refusal to discuss Palin's utter un-electability or, later, admit what the Tea Party really was gave the Pig People all the confirmation needed to keep believing Boss Limbaugh's stories about they being a suppressed majority, their thoughts and desires ARE mainstream America, etc and anything contrary is false flag liberal propaganda.

B) Since the Brain Caste/Media lost control, the pivot simply won't work anymore. All the Romney Pivot Candidates didn't even make it through the first few Primary's this election. The Pig People are demanding validation for their world view and Crazy Uncle Liberty just wants to feel again that feeling he had during Thanksgiving Dinner in 2002.

RUKidding said...

The distancing and skrimishing and expostulating and the twisting words to make them seem like they're not what they are (damnit!) has certainly provided quite a few pass the popcorn moments. This may not yet be the real End Game of the both siderist pump up the racism to incite and excite the Pig People. But it is certainly one of the expected and totally predictable outcomes.

I didn't really take Trump seriously when he ranted about Obama's birf sirtifikeet back in the day, but I guess he figured he was onto something. So he's Crazy Uncle Liberty Pied Pipering his Pig People for the Win.

All this blather about poor poor poor benighted misunderstood oppressed WHITE men is just more propaganda. The Pig People really don't give a stuff about jawbs 'n money 'n savings 'n better opportunities. Nah. They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they just want to be drongo idiot racists who can shriek out their racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted nasitness without having others flinch and run away from them. Like the Donald, they're very thin-skinned whiney-babies about it. Hey: be a racist, but accept the conesequencs. That's the rub: they don't want a consequence for their ugly execreble behavior, and the rest of society is supposed to agree that what they say and do is not only "normal" but very very nice, thankyewverymuch.

Just like that idiot Bundy KKKlan. They took over that Refuge, why? And then what? They fricking wrecked the damn place - fouled their own nest, caused millions in damage, and the place looked like trailor trash heaven inside of one month. What was the point of it? Who knows? But we're all supposed to pretend that they had a point, and that they really are great All American patriotic guys upholding Liberty or something.

Well, GOP: this is your base. Enjoy.