Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stupid On TV

For the record, the most "Oh fuck, I just give up" sentence I heard in the last week was spoken aloud by John Dickerson, who was appointed moderator of "Face the Nation" once Bob Schieffer quit the Great Game to become an undercover detective on the hod rod circuit.

Lets burn rubber baby!

See if you can spot the point where my patience ran dry:
DICKERSON: Susan, haven't we known, though, that voters are angry and upset for a while? I mean when we -- I -- I -- because what I'm trying to figure out is -- I mean if you covered the Tea Party movement, you -- you knew that people were unhappy...
By continuing to deliberately conflate "unhappy people" and "angry voters" with the "Tea Party movement" media featherweights like Dickerson continue to do the work of the radical Right by letting them hide in plain sight.

See, There. Is. No. Tea. Party.

There never was.

There was only ever a rebranding scam by millions of unhinged imbeciles who did not want to be held accountable for backing the worst President in American history to the hilt for eight, disastrous year. Instead, they wanted to get a head start on hating Barack Obama -- whose mere existence had driven them exponentially more unhinged than they already were -- with the heat of 1,000 suns without a lot of tricky questions like "How come you suddenly give a shit about deficits? " and "Remember about 10 minutes ago when the white Christian Conservative idiot was president and you averred loudly and unequivocally that saying mean things about a president during these parlous times was tantamount to treason?"

So here we are in 2016 when everybody -- and I mean everybody -- knows full well that the Tea Party was just another Republican responsibility-deflection scam.  And yet the irresistible, lemming-like compulsion to continue repeating the lie is still so strong -- so deeply rooted in the Beltway's corrupt narrative -- that they simply cannot stop themselves.

Oddly enough, the most "Marie Antoinette" sentence I've heard in the last week was also spoken aloud on the aforementioned "Face the Nation" by famed Beltway prophetess and Modern Drunkard Magazine's "It Girl" of 1985, Peggy Noonan, And here it is.
NOONAN: All this is true, but you know what was interesting in Anthony's polling? It was that in each of the states he looked at, the battleground states, it was fairly close, but also Trump was holding on to Republicans. He may be losing Republicans in Washington. He may be losing Republicans in media land, but he's holding on to Republicans in Colorado and various states that's so interesting to me. It's as if they're looking at all of us and saying, I don't care.
John Dickerson, professional corporate news moderator, loyally beating one of the Beltway's deadest horses because no one told him to stop.

Peggy Noonan, professional Republican pundit, giddily admitting in front of three million people that she has never had the slightest fucking clue what was really going on down on the factory floor of the Republican party.


dinthebeast said...

All I can do with Nooners (and this applies to DFB as well) is quote the dearly departed Frank Zappa (from "Society Pages):

So what? What can you say?
So long as the trash gets picked up
So long as the trash gets locked up
Just so the trash don't stack up
Some day you won't be on page three
Or page four anymore

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Zappa, one of America's great prophets that rose out of the 60's...............

But dropping a Nooner and just leaving it floating like that is disgusting.

You know the house rule,
Drop a Nooner. Flush before you leave.

So true, the T Pots were a rebranding of the GOP. They invested a lot on the new labeling. The new and improved ingredient labeling.

What is so Lemur brilliant is that you go to certain places (take parts of Arizona) and all the same GOP primary clan became T-Potters. When they had rallies, they all saw the same old faces.
I can only guess the Koch Bros. came up with the idea of disguises. Which introduced the Tri corner hats, American flag clothing, Ball caps with tea bags stapled to the bill that the bags hang in their face.
Only a republican could cut the top of the blanket off. Sew it to the bottom of the same blanket. Sell it as new and improved.
The reason they can do it is, The buyers are from generations of "falling off the planet from sailing too close to the edge of the earth.
Either that or the have some sort of dehydration illness that keeps causing them to see mirages of cool water in the republican party that is not really there.

What is most troublesome for the country is the so called Tea Party caucus in the House of Reps. . Account for about one fourth of the House republicans. They are owned by the Koch Bros.
Getting in these Benedict Lemur Arnold's into congress to help promote their base. But not really give them power. Led to the disease transforming into Ted Cruzes, Alex Jones and finally--Donald Trump.

And yes, the Nooners left floating for someone else to walk in and discover is so very distressing and the stench gags you. At a time you need to take care of serious business, yourself.

RUKidding said...

It's as if they're looking at all of us and saying, I don't care.

Dame Nooningtonhampshire has a brief moment of lucidity between when the likkar wears off and the barbs kick in! Woot!

Dear Dame Peggars: ya got that right! We've saying: "We don't care what drivel spills forth from yer nasty snobby pie hole or is scribbled out by you between bouts of drinking 'n pills. Yer fulla shite! Now go away, far far away."

Nooners, like DFB, is utterly clueless about the lower orders, in spite of her fairy tales about taxi drivers who swing across three lanes of traffic in mid-town Manhattan to enlighten her with their "deep thoughts," or her alleged accidentally staggering drunkenly into some - shriek! gasp! - Latino bodega where some Hispanishes, in broken Spanglish, utters platitudes for Nooners to pass on to her economic betters as swinish notions before the pearls.

Egad. Not to worry. Nooners no doubt was shortly imbibing her next round of hooch 'n pills and immediately forgot her one brief moment of clarity. Stay tuned for more snobby inconsequential delusional ramblings next week...

bowtiejack said...

I think it was Jimmy Breslin who once said that "media" was the plural of mediocrity.

All these people are simply too lazy (or perhaps stupid) to do the job for which they are so amply paid.

trgahan said...

A few other things these Beltway hacks have forgotten about concerning these "angry voters" that they can't understand:

1) The media told them 2000 was 1980 and the start of generational conservative majority.

2) The media told them 2002 (and the green light of the Iraq invasion) was the FINAL worldwide rejection of liberalism and American was headed for one party rule.

3) The media told them 2004 revealed America as "fundamentally conservative;" the marriage referendums had stopped the gays, and abortion would be a capital crime within a month.

4) The media went along with the Tea Party scam in 2009 and told them that controlling the House would put the XXXXX...er President in his place for remaining two years. He was going to be a one term disaster anyway!

5) Finally, in 2012, the media told them the polls could be skewed. A Romney landslide could be a possibility, because the media's numbers has been 50/50 toss up the whole time so who know? fuck that Nate Silver guy!

And these points were discussed entirely outside AM radio and FoxNews bubble. These were serious discussions on mainstream and "liberal" media platforms.

You can't discount this stuff when, you're average "angry voter" has immersed themselves in right wing propaganda to such an extent that they see these paid right wing media hacks as untrustworthy because they don't talk like Limbaugh during primetime TV.

Blotz said...

What's really weird to me is that John Dickerson only plays a lightweight on TeeVee. Listen to the Slate Political Gabfest or his Whistlestop podcast and you'll hear a smart, yes centrist but not appallingly so, political commentator. But he gets on TV and they hand him his both siderist script and he sounds like a numnutz.