Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hugh Hewitt Is A Cyborg Sent From The Future To Destroy America

At least that is the most probable reason I can think of to explain why this soulless wingnut conspiracy monger abd calculating machine was inexplicably jumped up seven ranks in the Beltway food chain to become Chuck Todd's "Meet the Press" BFF, where he began dispensing the kind of astute political analysis to a national teevee audience which had heretofore only kept the less lucid habitues of Sandpiper Crossing's day-room riveted to their radio machines.

From the Washington Post:
Hugh Hewitt: Clinton’s the real risk. If we want to stop her, we can’t dump Trump.

If Trump can stay the course he laid out in his post-Orlando speech, he will succeed as the GOP nominee.
On the other hand, it is mildly entertaining to watch Mr. Hewitt's awkward attempts to mimic human facial expressions as he struggles to avoid detection until he has completed his mission to destroy America.


Jimbo said...

He kind of looks and talks like a lumbering, white-haired, square-headed robot anyway. His commentary and "analysis" is at best incoherent. Even Trump mocked him mightily during the primary debates.

Charlesdillon said...

Nice cabinet suggestions.

RUKidding said...

Hard to say where/how Hewitt comes from. Seems to be bumper crops of shrieking wingnuts out there to choose from. Of course, that's because it's apparently a lucrative career if you have no morals, no scruples, no compassion/empathy, no soul. As noted, the bigger question is how & why Hewitt jumped the queue to his present rank.

Is he someone's relative? Did he prove himself invaluable to someone powerful? Or has he got the goods on someone?

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Bob Harrison said...

Is Pam Atlas still a thing? She and man-tits used to been seen a lot on the same threads.

Robt said...

It is about time you commented on the Hew Hewett.
----Steve Stevens, Bob Bobitt, Mike Michael or whatever his real name is.

I mean what, Alex Jones turned MSNBC down? Comcast contracting out to the lowest bid?

Want to see awkward, watch and wait for Michael Steele and Hew hewitt on the same show on split screen competing for time to talk.

Hew worked his way up, From two cans and a string, Walkie Talkies, to CB, to short wave then AM right wing hate bandwidth. And finally MSNBC scooped Hew up before FOX got him.

This is like the Cubs making a trade deadline trade for Mendoza to help down the stretch to the pennant. Picked up for his vatting offense, he has never hit for average above the Mendoza line.

Hewitt is what a Comcast conservative Exec thinks is what a millennial is aching for and will get them watching and bring up ratings.

Someday, they might try getting someone that can simply provide current events, facts and as near truth in broadcasting they can. Someday.