Monday, June 06, 2016

Helicopter Halperin Racks Up Some More Trump Good Boy Points

If he wants those tasty Trump Tendies, Halperin has to keep racking up those Trump Good Boy points, no matter how racist or nutso Trump gets.

Can he do it?

Of course he can!

From Media Matters:
Halperin: Trump Attack On ‘Mexican’ Judge ‘Not Racial,’ Mexico 'Not A Race'

Bloomberg journalist Mark Halperin said Friday that Donald Trump’s attacks on the Mexican heritage of a federal judge overseeing a case against him were “not racial” because “Mexico isn’t a race.”

The co-host of his show “With All Due Respect,” John Heilemann, insisted that Trump’s frequent invocation of judge Gonzalo Curiel’s ethnicity is beyond the pale.

“He did it over and over again, he kept calling Curiel a Mexican, right?” Heilemann said, in an exchange flagged by Media Matters. “It is not even dog whistle politics. It is just pure racial politics.”

“No, it’s not racial,” Halperin responded.

“It’s racial politics. It is,” Heilemann insisted.

“Mexico isn’t a race,” Halperin said...
I must respectfully disagree with Karoli over at Crooks & Liars.  This is not the "Dumbest Thing Mark Halperin Has Ever Said". Halperin is a soulless, calculating ambition machine who has a long and shameful history of telling ridiculous lies and wallowing with the worst scum in American politics. If Trump were setting fires in public buildings, Halperin would find a way to praise the economic value of arson. He is just that dead inside.

And for his sins, Bloomberg and MSNBC keeps promoting and rewarding him, which is why national political journalism is dead in this country.


bowtiejack said...


Fritz Strand said...

Yeah. Neither were the Irish, Italians, Jews.

crweaver said...

Kinda brings to mind those old signs that said 'No dogs or Mexicans allowed' - which, of course, were meant in a purely 'non-racist' way.

lostnacfgop said...

Another winner of the Kent Brockman Broadcast Bravado Award . . .

RUKidding said...

This is how the rightwing propaganda wurlitzer works it's "magic." Just come up with some convoluted, perverted and frankly dingbat way to "describe" something? Et voila: what you're seeing/hearing/reading is really NOT what you're seeing/hearing/reading.

George Orwell spins like a top in his grave. Four legs good, two legs BETTER!! oinks out Halperin.

This how the meme is spread that Trump really isn't a racist. No no... he's just ... uh, well, boys will be boys.

Doesn't even speak to the fact that what Trump's doing vis this judge is just plain wrong, and that Trump's clearly trying to sleaze out of this case.

These are same people who vetch and bitch and whine about Bill Clinton's prevarications. I didn't like those, either, but as usual with this crowd: IOKIYAR (or you run on the Republican ticket, even if you're not a Republican).

Robt said...

If this is some sort of conservative magic trick. It is not ready for the stage yet.

Now you see the racist, Now you don't.

Maybe it is not magic they are trying to perfect. maybe it is attempting mass hypnosis.
To get the audience to think it is a great magic trick?

The cable media needs to let the GOP "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps".
This media is redistributing it's air time to prop up Trump and his GOP.
One would think a self proclaimed self made man like Trump would shun the halprin and do it himself. Doesn't seem the case.
I do not contribute to the Halprin ratings. Not sure if they matter to the network at this point. I realize this, when it comes to getting news from hannity or Halprin. I turn to John Oliver. Because these networks do not believe someone as me has a choice to news consumption.

Instead of how to glitz the news or controversy it up or oil the legs of a woman to watch as she reads the prompter. the facts aren't really important to them, (reference FOX).
It might be Halprin wants to take a Trump copter ride to orgy Island.

maxk1947 said...

Yet Halprin was on Morning Joe today absolutely agreeing with Joe S's vehement denunciation of Trump's racism! Nobody mentioned MH's earlier pronouncement - it was obvious that they have expunged it from history.

Thomas Everett said...

I assume this is his latest audition for the part of Trump White House Press Secretary