Thursday, June 09, 2016

Dear Republicans...

In answer to the question that every one of you fuckers is avoiding like the plague, yes, you did that.  


bowtiejack said...

Interesting article over at TPM.
In addition to all the other Trump dysfunction, money is probably going to be a BIG problem for the national party because of:
1. Trump starting too late to raise funds
2. Trump being hated by all the big donors to whom the GOP usually turns
3. Trump being unable to admit he doesn't have the billions he claims
4. Trump being unable to ask for money

And now I have to go to the store to lay in more Cretor's Chicago Mix.

Robt said...

Not so fast,
Sheldon plans on investing in Trump. He smells profit from the treasury. As many other GOP big awesome donors smell.

When Trump can't get Mexico to build his wall. He will contract it out to Haliburton.
Maybe take Mexico to court and sue for the funding for it.

You see, when Trump or even when GW said "America" he meant the billionaire owners. So making America great and prosperous for them is lower wages to pocket more profits and lower or No-er taxes for them as you and I pick up the tabs.

n1ck said...

Remember back in 2012, and the whole "Obama said that we didn't build our businesses!" schtick that was going around?

Well, conservatives answered by saying "We Built It", "We Did Build It", ad nauseam.

I'd love to see a photoshopped image of Strongman Trump on one of those signs. Because they sure the fuck built Donald Trump's ability to attract right-wing authoritarians.

dinthebeast said...

@n1ck: Yeah, with Frankenstein bolts in his neck, that would rock hard.

-Doug in Oakland