Thursday, June 23, 2016

Aristotle was not Belgian

The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself."

And "Aberdeen" is not a swing state.

From the New York Times:

Despite Campaign Woes, Donald Trump Flies to Scotland to Tend to Business Interests

JUNE 23, 2016

AYRSHIRE, Scotland — His campaign is desperately short of cash. He has struggled to hire staff. Influential Republicans are demanding that he demonstrate he can run a serious general election campaign.

But, for reasons that emphasize just how unusual a candidate he is, Donald J. Trump is leaving the campaign trail on Thursday to travel to Scotland to promote a golf course his company purchased on the country’s southwestern coast.

Normally when presidential contenders travel abroad, they do so to burnish their foreign policy credentials, cramming their schedules with high-level meetings with foreign dignitaries and opining on the pressing international issues of the day.

But, to a large extent, Mr. Trump’s business interests still drive his behavior, and his schedule. He has planned two days in Scotland, with no meetings with government or political leaders scheduled.

And despite the fact that Mr. Trump touches down in Britain the day after its “Brexit” vote on whether to leave the European Union, his itinerary — a helicopter landing at his luxury resort, a ceremonial ribbon cutting and family photo, and a news conference — reads like a public relations junket crossed with a golf vacation.

“Traditionally, nominees travel overseas during this period to brush up their foreign policy depth and visit 10 Downing Street and Israel — for politics back here,” said Scott W. Reed, senior political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “Everyone knows this is the wrong thing for the nominee to be doing now, and it is amazing this can’t be stopped.”

Also the London Underground is not a political movement.

Barack Obama is not a Kenyan-born, Sekrit Muslim Terrorist sleeper cell.

No one is coming for your guns.

And Hillary Clinton did not murder Vice Foster.

Those are all lies, Donny.

I looked them up.


bowtiejack said...


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

"No, Mr. Trump. Scrooge McDuck isn't real."

"No, Mr. Trump. You may not dive into his vault of gold. See above quote."

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

By way of Conservative majority of Congress.
The Senate cannot advise and consent (their job) and vote on the President's SCOTUS nomination. Because... a bunch of excuses ending with the people need to have a voice. So wait until after the election (when the GOP is sure they won't have a president of their own to nominate a republican activist judge.
Yet, they same GOP controlled Congress wants to pass bills of their own and not wait until after the election to allow the people to have that same voice on them.

Repeal and Replace,
has always been "repeal". Replacing is the actual legislative skill side which they have not displayed.
When you vow to conservatism, Government is bad and needs to get out of the way.
That is the "repeal". Please don't hold your breath for "replace" for that would conclude Government doing something about something that someone in a club of conservatism finds themselves stuck in a turned over portable outhouse with everyone's crap (liberal crap too) all over themselves.

If there is anything the Conservative control of the Congress has proven beyond a doubt is, their mere existence in congress to undermines the notion that government cannot resolve anything.

As I read somewhere lately,

"Republicans want you to remember that there is nothing that can be done to lessen gun related deaths, but they can use that Government power to make it tougher for an LGBT to pee".

Are we living in the movie, "They Live" ?

RUKidding said...

All the Hot Goss sez Trump's short on the cashola. Trump apparently doesn't enjoy calling his BFFs for friendly loan$ for his financially strapped campaign. So, eh? Of course, let's fly to the Scottish highlands for a fling in front of the paparazzi, whilst promoting his latest Trump most excellent business AD-venture.

I hear-tell that most of the Scots citizens in that area loathe Trump about as much as we do here... possibly more because Trump's been his usual asshole-ish self there. But they don't vote in the US election, so f*ck 'em!

No doubt Trump's much-beloved dumb and uneducated voters will be thrilled by this latest manuever of their Hero. How unpredictable! How statesmanlike! Whadda businessman! Great mad business skillz equals how A-Mazing he'll be in the White House!!11!! Unpredictable! Great stuff. Yay Trump.

Those rich conservatives who are backing Trump because of Trump's alleged mad business skillz must be as dumb, stupid and under educated as the rest of Trump's lunatic base.

Trump is clearly demonstrating what's important to him and what comes first: making money for himself. F*ck the US presidential campaign. Yogodda be joking if you think visiting 10 Downing Street (does Trump even know who lives there?) is more important than hawking Trump's golf links to grub up more money.

dinthebeast said...

I've been reading about a movement to get people to refer to him as "Republican Trump" when they talk about him in an effort to hang him around the necks of Republican congresscritters before the election...

-Doug in Oakland

dominictemple said...

Trump has one big advantage over Donny, Donny needs Archie to stay out of jail. Trump needs no one and any criticism will be ignored by his supporters as the lamestream or liberal media attacking their dear leader for telling it like it instead being PC.

If he wasn't so hateful and charmless I'd almost admire his takeover of the Republican party.

trgahan said...

"....desperately short of cash. He has struggled to hire staff. Influential Republicans are demanding that he demonstrate he can run a serious general election campaign."

Almost seems like someone never intended to actually BE President in the first place.

We need to seriously consider that instead of Hitler Jr., Trump maybe just wanted to appropriate a certain party's voter base of desperate bigoted rubes to up his brand and make some cash. He'll still be a hero to those same rubes when he gets frog stomped because, to the rubes and many "centrists", Democratic electoral wins are by definition illegitimate.

Trump, like the rest of the clown car earlier this year, is just staking some rights to the profit stream flowing from the right wing media infotainment bubble that will only grow bigger after Hillary wins.

banker puppy said...

trgahan nailed it.

Can we stop pretending he wants the job now?

squatlo said...

Loved the Fish Called Wanda comparisons! Still think some scenes from that movie are hilarious.

But there's nothing funny about Trump anymore. 'Cept maybe his hair. That's timeless.

Robt said...

dinthebeast said...
I've been reading about a movement to get people to refer to him as "Republican Trump"

Yeah, I might even try that angle with some GOPers I know. Watching for a squirm.

Never will work on a Trump clown rally battalion.