Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today In Both Sides Do It: Ron Fournier, The Sad Clown of Centrism

To:  Ron Fournier

Re:  Your article.

In the article you submitted for our consideration, you made the following unsupported statement(s) --
How does a nation navigate such conflicting currents? Ideally, its political leadership would explain to people why these rights are important and propose bathroom accommodations that would ensure privacy and security. They would, well, lead—patiently, calmly, and honestly.

Absolutist rigor can drive a politician to seek the right outcome the wrong way—to stoke animus rather than inspire social change.
-- to bolster your thesis that Both Sides are to blame for all the huggamugga around the issue of where people go to pee.
Instead, the GOP is exploiting the public’s fear of change and the Democratic Party is demonizing its opponents.
First, do you ever write anything other than threadbare retreads of this same, stupid argument.  Seriously. we'd all like to know.  In fact, you crank some iteration of this thing out with such metronomic predictability that we up here in the executive suites have a drinking game based on not taking a drink every time you fail to blame Both Side and/or the Corrupt Duopoly for whatever is pissing your off on any given.

So far, half the executive staff has been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.  Probably not a great idea, us being hammerd all the time, but it does explain why you still have a job with The Atlantic, so blessings counted!

Second. since you admit that the GOP is stoking people basest fears for vile, partisan advantage, how is calling out despicable people for behaving despicably "demonizing"?

Third, and most important, before we can accept your article for publication, please cite three examples of where a minority group whose civil right were being violated and whose existence was being used to whip bigots into a frenzy improved their condition by sitting quietly, doing nothing and waiting patiently and calmly for their despicable oppressors and tormentors to stop using them as scapegoats, evolve opposable thumbs and climb down out of the Stupid Tree.


The Editors of The Atlantic over in the Better Universe

And speaking of unevolved Pig People who have feathered a fine nest for themselves up in the Stupid Tree and are never, ever coming down...

...Ewick son of Ewick thinks that Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier is not putting his pedal to the Both Siderism metal nearly hard enough (from "I Think Ron Fournier Misses Something Important Here" with emphasis added):
Likewise, because there is not a standardized definition and point at which we can say this person should be able to go to the girls’ room and this one should not, we are faced with the same situation on transgenderism that we are faced with open carry gun laws. A group of a**holes decide to push the boundaries and carry their machine guns strapped to their backs into grocery stores making people uncomfortable because “it’s their right,” and a group of dudes with facial hair go pee on the seats in girls’ bathrooms because they’ve decided to identify as a girl that day. Don’t tell me it is a hypothetical. Both situations are happening.
And once again, Fox News contributor and respected Conservative Big Thinker, Ewick Son of Ewick, hits the Wake Up Sheeple! alarm because he cannot distinguish between what's happening in some dank corner of PornHub where he may or may not spend sleepless nights "researching" -- "a group of dudes with facial hair go pee on the seats in girls’ bathrooms because they’ve decided to identify as a girl that day" -- and shit that has never actually happened in the Real World where actual people live.

But whether this is real threat or more craven wingnut panic peddling from the porn-addled mind of Fox News contributor and respected Conservative Big Thinker, Ewick Son of Ewick, one thing is clear:  it's all the fault of those fucking Liberals.  
Had Charlotte not overreached, the North Carolina legislature would never have done a thing. But the left decided to push and push and push and not only decided to push, but decided they would impose their will on everyone, including faithful adherents to scripture that teaches “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Gen. 1:27)
Actually, there is one more this that is also clear.

In addition to a penchant for fantasies about hairy men who sneak into girl's bathrooms to pee on the seats, Ewick also has a definite thing for pushing.
left decided to push and push and push... and not only decided to push...A group of a**holes decide to push...Pushing and pushing and pushing is only going to cause...
And reaching.
Had Charlotte not overreached...There is the original overreach...and now the Obama Administration has overreached...You can think the North Carolina legislature overreached...but understand their overreach...
And  conservative butt stuff.
It was not conservatives getting a wild hair up their butts 
And while I don't pretend to know what it all means, I would bet that PornHub has a category for it:


bowtiejack said...

You know this centrism thing reminds me of the old Soviet Union where everything (agriculture, physics, athletics, you name it) had to be explicated in terms of Marxist-Leninist thought.

Is it possible we're dealing with closet commies here who see everything through an ideological prism? After all, didn't those neocons all start out as Trotskyites or something? Somebody should look into this. Get me Trey Gowdy on the phone, now!

stickler said...

How did he forget to mention that liberals were ramming it down his throat?

stratocruiser said...

Pornhub has a category for everything.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Obviously, the Better Universe diverged from ours no later than the 1980 US Presidential election. But was it earlier, and if so, how much so? Was it in 1976, with Buckley v. Valeo being decided in a way that wouldn't give George F. Will and other shills the illusion of a leg to stand on when they tried (and, over there, failed) to claim that bribery is a First Amendment right? In 1971, with Chambers of Commerce across the nation reading Lewis Powell's memorandum and telling him "The media has not actually been taken over by the International Communist Conspiracy, and our existing think tanks can defend the American Way of Life nicely"? With one or more of the assassinations of the 1960s failing? In 1886 with J.C. Bancroft Davis not putting his name on the Supreme Court's decision to give corporations all the rights of natural persons while exempting them from the responsibilities thereof? Somewhere in between that I'm too tired to think of?

I kind of hope it was sometime between 1964 and 1970. That would put it after my parents got married, and mean that even if my specific self doesn't have a counterpart over there, there's a chance that somebody I'd recognize got, and is getting, to live a better life.

crweaver said...

As far as Ron's position on this and many other issues goes, I think Martin Luther King had a few choice words about his sort in his 'Letter From a Birmingham Jail'.

RUKidding said...

Fournier is just reflecting what his Pay Masters want said: if none of these damn outliers, like the wimminz, teh gheyz, the blahs, the dirty messicans, the boooga booga scary scary Muzlinz, the smarty-pants Asians & Jews and so on had just sat at the back of the bus, drunk from their separate and unequal drinking fountains, crossed the street with their heads down and eyes averted when encountering WHITE MEN, KINGS OF THE CASTLE, kept silent, barefoot, preggers in the kitchen, lived in filth and worked for pennies (or better yet, for free), never own property, don't vote, can't organize... why all would be well.

It's these damn liberal hippies always whining about some nonentities' supposed "civil rights." It's just push push pushing the buttons of all these butthurt white men.

Why can't we all just get along, people??

Tom Shefchik said...

Does somoeone want to tell Ewick that the phrase is not "getting a wild hair up their butts", it is "getting a wild hare up their butts". As in jackrabbit.

Ewicks butt hairs must be really nasty.

Unknown said...

So pleased to see my Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier nickname continue to get wider publication at this wise and noble outlet. I keep hoping the estimable Mr. Pierce will pick up on it too. Maybe some day.

As for Erick "Justice Souter was a Goat Fucking Child Molestor" Erickson, it's always, always, fucking ALWAYS projection with these braindead twits, isn't it?

"but decided they would impose their will on everyone"

Mr. "Goat Fucking Child Molestor", the Bush Era of Faux-Religious Fail called, and told you to take this bit of unfathomably oblivious chutzpah and cram it right up your ample posterior. You're a hateful boil on the already-chapped ass of humanity.