Friday, May 20, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #337

"It is not a fragrant world.”
-- Raymond Chandler, writer


  • Media Matters:  Megyn Kelly Repackaged A Year’s Worth Of Fox Softball Questions To Trump


Anonymous said...

Junior Dude ain't wrong - Karl Marx was the finest diagnostician in the history of economic thought. Almost everything he said was wrong with capitalism was stunningly accurate and the bits over which some may quibble ain't significant. He didn't have good solutions to the problems, but neither does anyone else.
Get hold of Piketty's book for him to follow up so he doesn't start building yurts in the cornfield, bent on starting a collective.

OGIC said...

Could you please provide a link to Bernie's remarks? I would like to read / and or hear what he said before I pass judgment.

driftglass said...