Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I, Trump

An egomanic con man with an army of reprogrammable androids (and a trophy copy of his ex wife kept on hand for his amusement) nearly takes over a ship with the power to destroy a planet.

Too bad Trump's army eats illogic for breakfast, laughs, and asks for seconds.


Leo Knight said...

I found Harry Mudd much more charming and rational than Donald Trump, or any of the GOP candidates.

Robt said...

Stay tuned for next weeks episode where a rare appearance by Chrispy Christie heads up Mudd's transition team to run the Enterprize.

Ben Carson's cameo, taking a stab at a VP running mate for Mudd.

And Spock gives up on the illogical human creature race and returns to Vulcan only to find Mudd wants to build a space wall around Vulcan and make Spock pay for it.

RUKidding said...

Chrispy Christie heads up Mudd's transition team to the Enterprize, but he blows up the landing platform on the home planet and blocks the gangway dock, so no one can enter or exit.

Mudd's multiple Robo-wives/courtesans/sex slaves angrily tirade against the local news media who report on their plight. Mudd's many partisan supporters send out death threats to those who report on Mudd's many sex slaves, declaring that the reporters should be shot out into space or worse.

Many intergalactic "reporters" and pundits worry and fret that Mudd's appearance will cost them their jobs but care little for Mudd's affect on anyone else.

Lawrence said...

There were two Mudd episodes. I think it's this one where Mudd has an android of his ex wife that he can order to shut up. And in the end they make thousands of them with no off switch to torment Mudd. Can we get a few thousand assorted Jen Rubin, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin bots for this purpose?

Jerry B said...

Harcourt Fenton Mudd is one of the all time great television characters.