Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hell is...

...a half-filled auditorium.
-- Robert Frost

Ted Cruz has always lived by the maxim that he would rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.
Maybe his wish is finally coming true.


Chan Kobun said...

I think that asshole in the video thumb wanders around downtown Fort Wayne. Fuck that guy.

Habitat Vic said...

Wow. When a major (funded, staffed, etc) Presidential candidate bungles a rally like that, it may signal deeper problems than just a staffer screwing up the venue and/or attendance list. It may signal that the campaign ready to collapse which, in the case of Cruz, isn't anything worth crying over.

Jeb had that moment with his pathetic "please clap." And Rubio had one to rival Cruz. He had 200-300 supporters show up earlier this year at a rally. In a HS football stadium that held 5,000. Talk about bad optics, all 300 were huddled in one corner of an end zone. Oh, that was also in his home state of Florida! And, it was in his home district (from when he was a Florida state rep)! That night, the ghosts of dead precinct captains from Chicago visited Marco's dreams so they could slap him upside the head for his incompetence.

Jeanne said...

Why do so many people want to put Hillary in jail.Why not Bush/Cheney who put America in an illegal war?

Unknown said...

Reminds me of the Rubes last grand event...the day before he surrendered. An empty HS stadium, in his home town no less. GOP, the party of bad ideas.

RUKidding said...

Nobody likes Ted Cruz. Nobody, even the nobodies in Ft. Wayne Indiana, apparently.

Stick a fork in it, Cruz. I think yer done.

Unknown said...

TrusTED sees the writing on the wall, that he's been busTED and is spiraling to noTED. (He and/or Kasich need to gather 58% of the remaining delegates at a minimum, realistically more like two-thirds of them, to force a contested convention.)

And, being a guy with no class, he resorts to dirty tricks to get people in the state du jour to vote for him.

Ted Cruz cries and utters lies.
You won’t hear him make amends.
He may sound bold but, truth be told,
He’s won more states than he has friends.

Chan Kobun said...

As a nobody in Fort Wayne, I resemble that remark.

Robt said...

The senator no other senator likes. The candidate a feral cat would hiss at.
Picks a VP for himself that NO one likes.

Perhaps the reason for less and less attendance for Cruz is that
Ted, the serial killer has been on the loose and on meth.

And now with Carly (the apprentice serial Killer) they can up productivity.

devans-cosmos said...

When half the news story is on civic vehicles, that's a bad sign.