Saturday, May 14, 2016

He is a Barbarian...

...and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.

-- George Bernard Shaw
They only talk among themselves.

They think their racist jokes are funny and their shitty comments about women are wise because that's what every other asshole in their tribe thinks.  

They only listen to Hate Radio, only watch Fox News and only believe propaganda outlets that tell them exactly what they want to hear, and because of that they believe the customs of their tribe and island are the laws of nature.

But now they have to move their act to the main stage where the audience is very different.  I predict a a wild summer and a brutal fall.  


banker puppy said...

I've got a standing order at Garrett's so I don't run outta popcorn.

bowtiejack said...

Nailed it. Nicely done.
And that reminds me, I gotta re-stock up on Garret's.

Karen Crosby said...

Right on target. So direct.

dinthebeast said...

Daniel Quinn said that tribal customs, no matter how weird they seem to outside observers, are what the tribe evolved to use to deal with their particular situation, and only really become monstrous if the tribe attempts to project them onto the rest of humanity, such as the tribes of the fertile crescent did 10,000 years ago. It didn't work then, and it probably ain't gonna work now, but they probably won't stop trying because they don't know what else to do. I've tried telling them, but so far they haven't really listened...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

"But now they have to move their act to the main stage where the audience is very different. I predict a wild summer and a brutal fall. "

Acknowledging this is simply an prediction.

Just how different do you think the GOP General election voters are going to be than the primary Kooks? They all seem to have the same media sources. Some are still in the closet with their racism, trickle down your back economics. Their obsession to give Wall Street the last tranches of money (Social Security, MEdicare). The General GOP voters seem to be libertarian-oligarchy with the craven urge to punish others.

Perhaps there are some moderates. But they will think the punishment is for those hateful (ISIS) liberals. Not them.
They do not realize they are not really in the "club" with Sheldon and Charles and David K. The Borg assimilates. That is what they do..........
Not even listening to George Carlin explain to them they,"are NOT in the club and never will be", registers. Their ears have been trained only to pick up tones in the Dog Whistle sound spectrum.

* Wild summer. Palin, Coulter Et Al are having facials and hair do's in preparation.
Not sure if Kettle corn is the right choice?

*The brutal fall. Not for Trump. His bankruptcies were profitable and a great decision. He did well. He denounced McCain and veteran status "and his polls went up". He later retracts the McCain smear of captured veterans are not heroic. Yet stands erect on quicksand telling us he does not regret saying it.
Trump will not fail, his minions will fail him.....
A brutal fall is what I would expect to see with the McConnell demotion in the Senate. A good old fashioned (GW Bush) THUMPING in the House.

If not,
I can only hope for a raging wild fire in Colorado. So it's pot crops burn out of control and the smoke blows across state lines that I may be effected.

Approximation Prophet said...

Autumn or fall? Hell why not both!

RUKidding said...

Remember: if you point out their blatant, clear, unfettered, cannot be interpreted any other way, racism to Trumpers, YOU are the racist!

Ditto for sexism, homophobia, blah de blah.

And those 88 tattoos? Just loving "infinity" baby. Why? Whud you think? YOU'RE the Nazi, not me.

Got it?

It's gonna be a long hot summer.

gocart mozart said...

Was Krusty the Klown Trump's butler?