Tuesday, May 31, 2016

And Then, Very Suddenly, The Wingnuts Started to Give a Shit...

...about Bill Kristol being wrong all the time.

And being a serial liar.

From the Breitbart Collective:
Politics 101: Bill Kristol Has History of Inaccurate Predictions
If you're damnfool enough to strap on the HazMat gear and slog through the Breitbart Collective's list of the Ideological Offenses of Bill Kristol, you will notice none of their examples pre-date Donald Trump's June of 2015.

Because before that, blood-drunk ghoul Bill Kristol used his serial lying and being-wrong-all-the-time powers almost exclusively to slag on Democrats, slander the Kenyan Usurper and advocate bombing the shit out of any country that looked at us funny.

All of which was just fine with the Breitbart Collective mole people



dinthebeast said...

So why doesn't Wrongy McWrongerson put his money where his mouth is and run himself? Did he actually announce someone's candidacy like he said he would, or was that just another straight up lie. And Breitbart is complaining about Kristol being wrong all of the time? That's rich.

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

Ha-Ha. Bloody Bill Krisol is the ridiculous Falstaff of the dying GOP.

n1ck said...

It's funny watching all of the conservatives who made lots of money while grifting the rubes pointing at and blaming each other for Trump coming along and putting them all to shame.

Couldn't have happened to a better bunch of fucking morons.

Robt said...

Bloody Bill is interviewing for a job with the Trump Administration.
That is how I see it.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Something occurred to me when this started a few days ago...

...where did Mr. Trump get the "Bill Kristol is wrong about everything" complaint from?

Because I don't remember anybody but liberals saying it...hence why Mr. Kristol still has a job.

Is it possible that Mr. Trump is...*gasp*...a Pro Left Podcast listener?

Be seeing you.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Kristol will never put himself into harm's way by running himself as a candidate. Partly because he cannot handle blunt criticisms of all the lies and screw-ups he's caused over the years. His place in the gilded universe that is the Beltway Media is predicated on him never being wrong, even though he clearly always has been / still is.

Mostly because he fears the wrath of the Trump bully. Kristol has sent the "best of the best" that the Republicans could offer to stop this beast, and time and again Trump has bulldozed each sacrifice flat and turned them into The Walking Trump.

Kristol is running out of bodies to toss onto the battlefield. Now he's down to NRO movie critics. What's next, Disqus commentators?

RUKidding said...

A very brief question on the googler shows an infinite number of posts about how wrong Kristol is nearly 100% of the time, both factually and morally. My numero uno whine is Tundra Trash. Lordy! And I still have relatives who worship at her meth-addled shrine.

Why this dunderhead gets to make big buckaroo$ remains on of life's mysteries. If he's still nattering on about Never Trump, Never Fear. My prediction? Kristol will line up to kiss Trump's heiney in the not too distant future. Bank on it.

Davis Statton said...

From the Breitbart comments:

Son of s Bolshevik from the Eastern Block. Commie.