Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Triumphant, Fleeting Return of Jeb(!)

If you are not inclined to sit through even one more minute of Jeb(!), l'll spare you playing the video.

Jeb(!) believes that Donald Trump is fundamentally unfit to be president.

Jeb(!) is also dead-set against supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Jeb(!) copes with this cognitive dissonance by squinting mightily and pretending very hard that Right Dead Ted can still has a chance to pull off one, last Surprise Play to Win The Big Game!

Now listen up. It's your basic Statue of Liberty play with one twist. 
You throw it to me. Knute Rockne called it the forward pass.

More of the same brilliant strategic Bush Family thinking that broke the country of Iraq and stranded the US military in the middle of a centuries-old sectarian conflict without the slightest fucking clue how to get us out.


Chan Kobun said...

It's the Bullwinkle method: "This time for sure!"

Jimbo said...

Well, I did watch the JEB$ clip and he is so weak and bathetic. Hillary bringing a third term of economic uncertainty? Wow, he is such a deeply dishonest tool. And yes, low energy too.

RUKidding said...

One of the few things that I like about Trump is how he called out the Bush Crime Syndicate and finally laid the blame of 9/11 and the following disaster War, Inc, in Iraq & Afghanistan at their bloody feet. But beyond that, I don't have much time for Trump and his very muddled and insubstantial "policies," whether foreign or domestic.

I guess JEB! has joined the growing crowd of groaners to reluctantly endorse disgusting hated loathsome Dominionist Teddles based on the salient point that He's. Not. Trump.

You go, GOP! KKKlown KKKar bit ya in the ass this time.

Robt said...

Chan Kobun said...
It's the Bullwinkle method: "This time for sure!"

"That trick never works"

Robt said...

It has been sort of intriguing that the next in line anointed Bush was so rejected.

I see it as Trump piled on, and Jeb! tried to ignore his record and his Brother's When he attempted to first claim his indifference and later made it a family pride position and stood with his brother.
Most conservative early on had already united against another Bush. Before Trump dropped trousers and crapped on Jeb on stage.

It you noticed, the other Freedom patriot from Texas, Rick "the seceding "Perry. His fuse fizzled like it was never lit.

IAs you witness the "lying: Ted. His numbers do not get him a job at the Post office.
It is the "NO MORE TEXAS" that GW Bush provoked.

I am amazed at GOP voters for there loud disgust with their beloved GOP bench. The bench that the media told us was just so deep and talented.

As they continue to inform the public that "Lying Ted is a very sophisticated intelligent professional talented, Again talented politician.
My question is simple,
When is Cruz going to show it?