Friday, April 15, 2016

The Measure of a Man

Millions of us lost our futures.

A few have cared enough to make that quiet catastrophe into art.


Jeff Oldham said...

Man, I never comment here but I love your podcast and really wish I had a paltry dollar to drop you. I just happened to come home in tears to my wife tonight because it was long and unprofitable day at my delivery driver job yet again. I've got this 4 and a half month-old B.S. and I'm really sad I can't even seem to get an interview. I don't know why I'm saying this except that I feel like I'm one of those millions who lost his future.

Grateful for you and your wife, if I ever grow more substantially more prosperous you're high on the list of long overdue contributions.

Unknown said...

While it's true that millions have list their futures, and we as a species have lost their diligence and creativity and potential, the 1% is comfortable with that accounting. After all, it's only lost potential and dignity; it's not like it was capital or something they consider valuable.

When do the crowds start in with torches and pitchforks again?