Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Great Unbuckling

Over the last 20 years, Republicans have made quite the ten course meal out of  rage, bigotry and paranoia.

While the Beltway media built an entire business model out of looking the other way. the Right has pulled a bench right up to the all-day/all-you-can-eat Fox News/Hate Radio buffet and has gorged themselves on poison to the point where they are now stiffed Mr. Creosote-full-to-the-tonsils with fury and bile. 

But the Beltway media's collaboration with the Conservative agenda has always come with this proviso:  however openly depraved Conservatives are on their own time. to maintain the Beltway Both Siderist Goose that Lays The Golden Eggs, the Right has to at least make an effort to suck in their gut and pretend not to be fascist hogs while the cameras are hot and rolling.

And then along comes Trump and, under his mighty protection, he tells the Right what it has desperately wanted to hear from someone in authority for decades.  That it's finally OK to let your freak flag fly.  That it's patriotic to publicly embrace your inner Klansman.  That you can once-and-for-all unbuckle your belt, let it all hang out and screw those people behind the cameras.  Those media types are the worst people in the world (true). They're corrupt cowards (true).  They're worms who would follow me into the john and film me taking a dump if I let them.  So don't worry about the Beltway douchebags and their suits and cameras.  You've seen how I shit all over them them and how they come crawling back for more.  I can handle these clowns, so don't you worry.   You all just go ahead take off your pants,  run up the Confederate colors and wave your dick around as much as you like.

Because it's morning in America again, so come on out and feast my pretties!

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n1ck said...

This might be my favorite, even after all these years.

Thanks again, DG.