Thursday, March 03, 2016

Romney, You Magnificent Bastard!

I read your book!

Today, failed 2012 presidential candidate R-Money handed Donald Trump enough picnic baskets full of blinkered, plutocrat cluelessness to feed him, Yogi and Boo Boo though the rest of the spring.

Yeah, I wrote about this same thing one post down, but I had one more left in the chamber and it seemed rude to jam it sideways into my previous post.


janet said...

I believe that's pic-a-nic basket. Let's get our cultural reference ducks in a row! ;)

bbleh said...

You know, it IS possible we have this ALL WRONG.

It IS possible that it's all part of a fiendishly clever plot. A diabolical head-fake. A wheels-within-wheels master plan to cement Republican control of the entire American government for a generation.

What was Rove's advice? The Base, always the Base. And that has become even more true since he managed his first big win. It's ALL about motivating the base.

And what could be more motivating to the Base than Willard Romney emerging from his charging pod to woodenly remind them to mind their manners and obey their betters. It's like gasoline on a fire. This one speech will probably drive turnout up ten points among the Base.

And meanwhile, in the shadows, the word has gone out quietly to the rest of the Republican party: stay low, stay quiet, and let the play run. And then come Election Day, get your ass to the polls, and watch the map turn red.

Look, everybody knows Trump isn't interested in actually being president. He just wants to put "TRUMP" in big metallic-gold plastic letters on the side of the White House and then go play (and lose) Monopoly. If he wins, he'll subcontract the entire Executive to the K Street Corporation, and we know who runs that. And if he wins, the Republicans will control Congress, and the plan all along was to lead from Congress. So it's done.

And the rubes will think they've won!

RUKidding said...

I read that the new ghost writer that the Donald hired to represent the word salad of the Tundra Twat typed out that what RMoney said in his speech was totes inspired by Saul Alinsky!

I, I, I, I suddenly feel compelled to feel some smidgeon of gratitude towards the Donald ... as icky as that sounds. Sadly, it's only us DFHs who'll get the reference and be as gobsmackingly amused as I am.

Anonymous said...


Oh Shit you have cracked the Enigma Code! That is so apocalyptic I don't even want to consider that scenario. Are they smart? Yes they are. Are they that smart? I shudder. Dear Jehovah help us if they are.

Robt said...

Oh my goats fat ass!

How Mitter so wants to give the GOP the Savior Pony ride..........

Mitt, From Wheresville rides in on his wife's Dressage horse to be coronated at the GOP Convention.

And Paul Ryan so hoped the GOP despair for a nominee savior, would get him out from cleaning toilets in Hell's House. As he was supposed to be the House GOP savior as Speaker.
Ryan is finding Speaker a bit troublesome and he actually has to work more days than he used to. most stressing, his freedom republicans are accusing him of being like Boehner.
Losing that Conservative popularity contest, he is.....