Friday, March 18, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #328

"Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man."

-- George S. Patton



vastman said...

mailing list...progressives have been totally fucked over in dem primaries. Personally, me and all my friends feel that Bernie should try and get the greens, P&F, socialist parties to all combine with his youth/independents into a new People's Progressive Party...recruit progressive candidates and go balls out. I'm totally done with dem party.I'm 65...dem all my life. Enough!this is a disgusting blackballing of progressives everywhere orchestrated by dem power brokers

This it's the FIRST TIME so many people have come together and don't wanna sell out. Both dems and repugs ARE sellouts...millennials do NOT like the party. Neither do independents!

It's time...we've been shit on and dismissed...yet we're the largest and youngest intelligent voting block...I'm tired of working within a bought corrupt party. It is STUPID!

It's time...the PPP will NOT be ignorable...right now we are being spit on from both sides...AND spit into little parties...together we'd be unstoppable

11:04 PM

Chan Kobun said...


Herr Drumpf thanks you for your support. Now please join us in reality where pipe dreams like those are only possible once we get the fucking fascists of the GOP out to the point where a GOPper can't be elected dogcatcher.

I know you don't give a fuck, since you don't have that much lonmger here, but some of us do, and we'd like to not spend it under a repeat of Ronnie Treason Reagan or George Dumbya Bush - or worse.

vastman said...

Wow! you're a cutie, Chan! I'm speaking of the future, and yes, I agree that Nazi america is not what I have in mind but you're a real jerk. We stand a fantastic chance of changing the landscape of politics, coming together, and dealing with all the issues Bernie has raised but not with talk like that. I don't "give a fuck"? I've spent my entire life trying to better the planet and you really need to get a grip. It is quite clear that both the democrats and Repugs have sold the "people" out and the majority of us are sick of it. Look at what the MSM, Dems, and their masters have been doing to Bern and progressives...

You may not agree with my thoughts but being an asshole and blathering about doing the same thing when the results suck is rather stupid... I feel we DO have a chance to change the landscape and staying in an ABUSIVE relationship with a corporate owned party IS NO WAY to activate the millennial millions looking for solutions.

Calling me or anyone like me "Herr Drumpf" is disgusting... you sound like Hillary assholes. Grow up.

Chan Kobun said...


vastman said...

well now I realize you're just a bot or troll or a scared little bully boy, not much different than Trump or Hillary, uttering inane comments in a derogatory sound like the perfect weak minded poster boy for why we need a new party... I'll let you have another disgusting spew, as is your want it seems... and ignore it. Trying to communicate with scared and angry little bully boys is useless is just a waste of the end "we will Bern" you.

Sorry for the "unprofessional" discourse, driftclass... my thoughts were shared in hopes of engendering some decent discussion and not create a nasty environment here. Luv ur show and Fridays with Nicole...