Sunday, March 06, 2016

Marco Nader-o

Republican establishment front man David Brooks still can't quite get the hang of operating the Republican establishment's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em candidate.  From just six weeks ago on Meet The Press (with emphasis added):

DAVID BROOKS: It's going to be Rubio. I'm telling you, it's going to be Rubio. Right now, you have the conflict between the conservative, the philosophical conservative wing, which is the National Review crowd, and the rogue wing, which is talk radio and Trump. And so it's interesting to see how that breaks down.

Right now, Trump has the advantage in that, because the conservative movement is less conservative than it was ten years ago. The financial crisis has hit people hard, and they want a government that's on the side of the little guys, as long as it's not filled with liberal values. So Trump, in the short term, but we're prepping the establishment. Do not panic. There are going to be months of this. Wait for Rubio.

Meanwhile the rest of the Republican party continues to loudly wonder why oh why this spoiler refuses step aside and let the real candidates slug it out?


Unknown said...

"Meanwhile the rest of the Republican party continues to loudly wonder why oh why this spoiler refuses step aside and let the real candidates slug it out?"

That box that Mr. Brooks is holding in your shoop is chock fulla cash and feeding the Marcobot. Question is, who filled it? And are they willing to go to the mattresses with Honeymoon Hall Murdoch and his hatchet-chin Ailes??

Robt said...

How about a conspiracy?

All the Boo-Hoo over Trup leading and going to take the nomination.
The GOP did not have to let him run in their party. They say he was never conservative. So they knew'

Trump had a trial ballon run prior.

Did the GOP just think Trump would excite the base and then they could lead them to Rubio?

Perhaps Trump is the trapeze acrobat without a net to draw in the crowds like I said.
We have been seeing and hearing many of the upper GOP ranks asking for liberal help to take down Trump.

I do think Trump with his outrageous attacks like on Bush. "you lied us into war". For instance is just camouflage. Hide in front of you. Stick that line out there, we all know it. The press ignored it and the GOP caught Dementia over it. So trump blurts it out.
You don't hear much about that issue anymore do you. But it allowed them to clear the GOP books on it.

They could mean to take this to their convention to hang on to the spotlight and keep their flock all angry all the time. An angry GOP'er is a voting GOP'er and an angry GOP;er wants to be fed more red meat.

Mike R said...

It seems impossible that anyone,even a republican, would think that Rubio has more substance than a piece of tissue paper. Of Course republicans are venial and short sighted but still Rubio, just don't get it.

Paul W said...

I made an argument earlier in 2015 or so where I noted how the entire Republican platform and world-view had devolved into what Professor Barber would classify as an Active-Negative character in our Presidents. As a result, many of the candidates are/were in that Active-Negative category (bullying, aggressive, Uncompromising, partisan, focused on the limits of federal power). But the Republican handlers/lobbyists/shills know that most Americans do not tolerate A-N personalities in the general election cycle: they want Presidents who are Congenial at the least and able to forge coalitions and bipartisan support (the strengths of a Reagan or a Bill Clinton).

So how to sell an A-N platform is to find a Passive-Positive personality, or at least fake one: that means trying to find the most charismatic candidate they can and push that guy above all the others. The media elites hoped it would be Jeb, but he turned out to be a flat fish (and in truth something of a Passive-Negative character, which can't win election cycles like this one). Cruz does have charisma but is nowhere near a Pass-Pos personality. None of the other wanna-bes were all that Congenial, were they? The only one with charisma is Trump, and that is in the vulgar, bullying way that is winning over the Far Right base but will likely scare away the moderate general election voters.

So they've pinned all their hopes on Rubio, who's got that "young" Kennedy-esque persona but nowhere near the gravitas, work history, and campaigning skill that the Kennedys employed. And that still doesn't hide the extremist, negative world-view Rubio has.

trgahan said...

I can see Rubio personally still running despite dismal support because A) there is still a butt load of campaign money to launder into personal accounts and B) laying to ground work to do it all over again in 2020.

I can also see the Republican tax-cut-and-deregulation-donor-class and white-suburban-working-professions-who-know-better needing Rubio so they can ignore/disavowal the white hooded, armed "Patriot," Confederate Flag, Armageddon/Cross carrying, and baby part poster waving, low education, misspellin' voting base.

Robt said...

When do we get to the GOP debate that questions the Thermite paint used in the
Twin Towers?
I need to know where Trump stands on Thermite Paint use?

For instance;
Would Trump use Thermite Paint to coat the wall on the border ? And make Mexico pay for it too?

Unknown said...

"...the conservative movement is less conservative than it was ten years ago."
OBJECTION! Assumes facts not in evidence. But nice try Bobo.

Unknown said...

``because the conservative movement is less conservative than it was ten years ago.''

And the proof of that is a front-running neofascist racist, a runner-up dominionist and an extreme right-wing little rat baby (that would be Marco)?

I knew Brooks was a whore and a shill, but I didn't know he had had a lobotomy.

bluicebank said...

Why can't the GOP machine create a really good conspiracy theory about Trump, in order to destroy him?

Lordy knows they know how to do it. And the base will buy anything. In Florida, 38% of those polled are either sure (10%) or mulling it over as to whether Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.

Where was Donald Trump when the killings took place? Yeah, I thought so.