Monday, March 21, 2016

Leaked Video Of Donald Trump's Meeting With GOP Leaders


Robt said...

Oooooh yeah,

Facing the art of the Wheel can end up a big deal.

Ya think the Trump had a calming effect on McConnell and Grassley over SCOTUS picks?
The Donny said, "I will APPOINT the best judge". I guess the Don appoint instead of nominates.
The NRA approves of Ted Nugent for SCOTUS
The Koch Bros like Marco Rubio.
Ted Cruz likes himself if he doesn't get the GOP nomination for President but is competing with Chis Christie for the seat.
Since George Wallace is not with us, David Duke may be looking for a payoff from Trump.

I did enjoy Trump man 'splaining who the boss is and how the Republicans need to kneel before him.

Trump as a republican is going to make Government so big so great. It is going to spend money and raise taxes on hedge fund managers. (according to trump).

Professor Eldritch said...

Bonus points awarded for hair synergy.

Ron Nilson said...

I knew it! This how the GOP determines its hierarchy.