Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fixing Michael Gerson's Grammatical Errors

Original headline in the Washington Post:
Rush Limbaugh’s blessing of Trump is killing conservatism

By Michael Gerson Opinion writer March 28 at 8:41 PM

Corrected headline as it should have read in the Washington Post:
Rush Limbaugh’s blessing of Trump is killing conservatism

By Michael Gerson Opinion writer March 28 at 8:41 PM

C'mon WaPo, getting this shit right just isn't that hard.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

no one can afford editors anymore...

Robt said...

Someone is not only editing over at the MSNBC,but ordering content.

Like why is MSNBC on the "Stop Trump" rail tracks?

Did you know John Kasich has a better chance at getting the nomination than Bernie Sanders in his party?

The love and penmanship put toward kasich. WOW!

trgahan said...

Or "Conservatives are killing conservatism"

Like Trump, Boss Limbaugh is just giving conservatives what they want, when they want it, every day, all day.

Gerson owes his job to Boss Limbaugh being able to keep conservative voters at a level of simmering anger and fact-aversion that they vote to cut their throats as long as it means they can watch people they hate have their throats cut first.

SamB said...

Here's a gem from Gerson's article:

"Many men and women I know who work on Capitol Hill, in conservative media or in think tanks are hardly in it for the money or job security."

What are they in it for, Mr. Gerson?

Paul Wartenberg said...

And it's interesting to note he's talking about the ones he knows on Capitol Hill, and in the conservative media, and/or in the think tanks. Talk about the reinforcing self-contained bubble of epistemic closure. He's talking to the "conservatives" who live in TV green rooms and limos and mcmansion houses out in Fairfax VA.

Anybody got a GIF of that Bloom County strip where the characters start painting in white lines to kick out more and more of each other until there's one little circle left atop an anthill with two people fighting over who gets to stay in?

bowtiejack said...

Excuse me, but I am sick to death of the never-ending self-pity party for "Conservatism" and "Christianity".

"Christianity" is the secret handshake for the white male dominance that powered the Confederacy, festered in the Klan and the Jim Crow laws and is now ready for a full-throated in-your-face comeback with Der Trump. [No accident that the David Brooks and Gersons of their day, who frequently held clerical orders, could show you slavery in the Bible and that attempts to do away with it were to challenge God himself (male) and his plan.]

"Conservatism", which rides "Christianity" like a pony, is the money grift of the .01% who, like their .01% slave-owner plantation forebears, keep the mooks focused on the danger from whatever the current THEM is (crazed negroes, anarchists, hippies, Muslims, communists, liberals, whatever). And for "Conservatism", there is always a "THEM".

Trump has simply appropriated the "con" in "Conservatism" for his own ends, which threatens to give the whole goddamn game away. He must be stopped!

RUKidding said...

So bellowing hate-monger Boss Limbaugh struck a deal with his new boss, the Donald. I'm sure Trump gave Limbaugh a golden handshake of some sort. What does Limbaugh care who provides him with payola (and maybe promise of more rent boys for free)? Scruples? Yo godda be kidding me. Money talks, Boss Limbaugh ain't gonna walk.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Except the old Bosses of the CONservative movement are royally pissed off at Trump horning in on their CON. boo de effen hoo hoo...

Jimbo said...

Saw the op/ed this AM. The idea that Limbaugh is anything like a philosopher of conservatism is incredibly stupid. He's a loud, obnoxious hate-spewer and so not at all surprising that he would endorse a kindred spirit like Trump. The wonder is that Gerson is so clueless about this. Yep, epistemic closure alright.

Jim from MN said...

While riding the Trump Train, does one have the option of riding in a different car away from the Nazis and Klansmen? Asking for a friend.

Robt said...

After Citizens United ruling, the GOP shuttled through Scalia and company. The point of killing off all organizations and their funding to "other than Republicans", was the first line of agenda. We sw union busting in the states. As example.

What the GOP hadn't grasped was that their own flow of money to propagandize their base could be up ended.

Trump has said this to their faces. He has doled out campaign contributions to Ms Lindsey for his business before Ms Lindsey.
In watching Trump and the "Stop Trump" extravaganza.
What I am witnessing is the Billionaire cutting out the middle man (congress critters)..
The GOP is fighting the stop Trump to hold on to the middle man prospect of being the only political party and having all the campaign cash go to them.

Trump is threatening their existence as they plotted it might be.
The rise of oligarchy is attributed to the GOP's own schemed demise.

Oh yes, That is in large part we are observing the Gersons, the Brooks, the Cal Thomas, et al in job preservation mode. Like children crying to keep the lollipop.

dinthebeast said...

Damn, Driftglass, those are some fine editing skills...

-Doug in Oakland

Unknown said...

I won't read Gerson's pile of mendacious word salad, but did he pull the trick of referring to the demented insanity of the GOP by referring to the party's thought-leaders and elites as "they" rather than "we" or "I"?

That one never gets old.